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• The current outbreak of the coronavirus has nothing to do with the Feline form


Maria S. Bonino, Founder/Director of EndFIP® / Luca Fund for FIP Research answered my question about the relationship between the coronavirus we're hearing about in the news and the feline coronavirus. "The coronavirus you hear about in the news has nothing to do with FCoV (feline coronavirus). Read more about FCoV on this page.

• Can people spread coronavirus to pets?


2/6/2020  VIDEO: "The World Health Organization echoed the same thing and said, “At present, there is no evidence that companion animals/pets such as dogs or cats can be infected with the new coronavirus." "Our sources are Peter Rabinowitz, the Director of the University of Washington’s Center for One Health Research, the World Health Organization, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." -

• Coronavirus: Can my dog or cat get it — and pass it along to me?


1/29/2020  "Yes, your pets can get coronavirus. But it’s not the scary one. And they can’t give it you. Research shows that lots of animals are vulnerable to coronavirus, a large, hardy and sprawling family of pathogens. Birds get avian coronavirus. Pigs get porcine coronavirus. Cows get bovine coronavirus. Horses get equine coronavirus" - The Mercury News

• 4 ways high temperature adversely affects dry pet food


Doug's Note: This story is important for anyone who feeds their pet(s) dry food. The HUGE lack-of-moisture fact aside, and the HUGE lack-of-quality-ingredients aside, this story reveals the risks of high temperature processing during the manufacturing of dry pet food

2/15/2020  "About 95% of dry pet food is made by a process called extrusion. A study by Wageningen University in the Netherlands shows that drying pet food between 160°C to 180°C can significantly reduce its nutritional value. Sometimes temperatures can even reach 200°C during commercial pet food manufacturing. The high temperatures cause radical changes to the ingredients."

This article shows you the consequences high temperatures have on pet food. - FMT news

• Is Pricey Prescription Pet Food Just a Racket?


10/16/19  "Anyone who has had to purchase prescription diet food for their pet knows how crazy expensive these products can be. Even if you have pet health insurance, it usually doesn’t cover prescription food. I had a cat with digestive problems, so my vet at the time recommended Royal Canin prescription dry cat food, upwards of $75 per bag." - WindyCityLeagalGeek

• WARNING: Cats love the taste of anti-freeze, but if they drink it, they die


"With winter now upon us vets are warning owners of cats of the danger of antifreeze poisoning. Your cat may find it sweet and tasty, but anti-freeze is also deadly."

12/8/2019  "A Wakefield vet has issued a stark reminder to cat owners of the dangers of antifreeze. The warning from Calder Vets comes in the wake of the death of two cats from the same family. Vets suspect the pair became ill after drinking antifreeze." - Wamiz

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