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Not Fit for a Dog!


by Michael W. Fox, Elizabeth Hodgkins, and Marion E. Smart

The Truth About Manufactured Cat and Dog Food

Highlighting the dangers of modern pet food—how it is unbalanced, creates addiction, and often contains ingredients that can literally poison your pet, this book destroys the myths propounded by pet food companies that human food is bad for pets, and that natural food diets are unsafe. Three veterinarians share their expertise and scientific evidence, providing an in-depth appraisal of the pet food industry and what people are feeding to their cats and dogs.

Total Cat Mojo by Jackson Galaxy


by Jackson Galaxy

with Mikel Delgado

From the star of the hit Animal Planet show “My Cat From Hell” comes Total Cat Mojo: Everything You Need to Know to Care for Your Favorite Feline Friend. His most comprehensive cat care guide to date, here Jackson Galaxy shows readers how to eliminate feline behavioral problems by understanding their instinctive behavior.

Catification by Jackson Galaxy


by Jackson Galaxy 

and Kate Benjamin

Get your home in working order with Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!). A New York Times bestseller from Jackson Galaxy, star of the hit television series My Cat From Hell, this book shows cat owners everywhere how to make their homes both cat-friendly and chic. Yes, it really is possible!

Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy


by Jackson Galaxy 

with Joel Derfner

"What the World's Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love, and Coming Clean"

Learn how Jackson Galaxy got his start in Cat Daddy: What the World's Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love, and Coming Clean. As a cat behaviorist and star of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell, Jackson Galaxy isn’t what you might expect for a cat expert, with his goatee and tattoos.

CatWise: America's Favorite Cat Expert Answers Your Cat Behavior Questions


by Pam Johnson-Bennett

Top feline behavior expert Pam Johnson-Bennett answers the 150 questions most often asked by puzzled cat owners.

No one knows cats like Pam Johnson Bennett, whose pioneering thirty-year career  as a cat behavior consultant has changed the way cat owners and experts alike view cats. Her books are bibles, but her fans and owners still flood her website and social media platforms with questions on topics that perplex them. Catwise combines the questions that come up most often with answers to help you solve your cat's behavior problems (or head them off before they start), or simply improve the relationship you have with your cat.

The Cat Behavior Answer Book


by Arden Moore

The mysteries of your feline friend’s thoughts and actions are finally revealed in Workman Publishing The Cat Behavior Answer Book. Cats are lovable, funny, attentive listeners, and wonderfully cuddly. They can also be tenacious, persnickety and maddeningly aloof. Learn about their inexplicable fascination with catnip, why they knead their blankets, what’s the deal with chasing mice, and dozens of other complexities of cat behavior. With a handle on what’s behind your cat’s quirky personality, you’ll be able to maximize quality time with your furry, four-legged family member.

The Cat Whisperer: Why Cats Do What They Do--and How to Get Them to Do What You Want


by Mieshelle Nagelschneider

Just when you thought you reached the end of your ball of twine, one of America's most popular cat behaviorists comes to the rescue with the The Cat Whisperer: Why Cats Do What They Do--and How to Get Them to Do What You Want. It provides practical and effective strategies for solving every feline behavior problem imaginable, from litter box issues to scratching, spraying, biting, and beyond. This fascinating and indispensable book takes you inside the mind of a feline to explain why members of one of the world's most inscrutable species act the way they do, and how you can convince them to change their behaviors for the sake of your peace of mind…and theirs.

The Natural Cat: The Comprehensive Guide to Optimum Care


by Anitra Frazier

The Natural Cat: The Comprehensive Guide to Optimum Care is the holistic bible for cat caregivers, now updated and expanded to address the many new discoveries in holistic pet care, the latest advances in holistic care for cats, updated statistics, new diet guidelines and health care recommendations and how to find a holistic veterinarian.

Animal Wise: How We Know Animals Think and Feel


by Virginia Morell

If you ever wondered what it is like to be a fish, parrot, dolphin, or an elephant, or thought whether animals experience thoughts that are similar to ours or have feelings of grief and love, you’ll want to check out Animal Wise: How We Know Animals Think and Feel. You’ll discover that ants teach, parrots converse, rats laugh, cheetahs can die from heartbreak, and much more.

The Cat Owner's Manual: Op Instructions, Troubleshooting Tips, and Advice on Lifetime Maintenance


by Dr. David Brunner

and Sam Stall

If you’ve ever asked yourself if your cat should have an owner’s manual, The Cat Owner's Manual is the answer. This book will help you decipher all the quirks in your kitty’s behavior, like leaving mice on your doorstep or stray hairs all over your clothes.

Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat--Not a Sour Puss


by Pam Johnson-Bennett

Brought to you by America’s favorite cat expert, this complete resource for cat owners of all stripes makes it easy to train your cat. Whether you’re a veteran cat lover, the brand-new owner of a sweet kitten, or just the frustrated companion of a feline who’s driving you crazy, author Pam Johnson-Bennett will help you understand what makes your cat tick—and scratch and purr, too.

The Mysterious World of Cats


by Herbie Brennan

The ultimate gift book for people who are bonkers about their cat

Herbie Brennan is a New York Timesbestselling author on the occult who has sold over ten million books world-wide. Here he writes a delightful short but definitive guide to cat lore, weaving together myth, magic, anecdote, fascinating, amusing factoids and even scientific research - from the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet to Macavity the Mystery Cat. Here at last is the book that proves to you that everything you suspected about your cat's uncanny powers of intuition, hypnosis, mind-reading, bi-location and levitation are in fact all true!

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats


by Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, PHD

and Susan Hubble Pitcairn

Since its first publication more than 30 years ago, Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats has sold over 500,000 copies and continues to be the go-to resource for health-conscious pet parents. With the fourth publication of this groundbreaking text, fans of Dr. Pitcairn will enjoy the latest information in natural pet care including 30% new material, along with a deeper look at what’s behind the concerning rise in chronic illnesses, increased toxins, nutrient depletion and excess vaccinations

The Cat Bible


by Tracie Hotchner

The Cat Bible: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know is the only fully comprehensive guide to all things feline from the host of Cat Chat on Martha Stewart Living Radio. Finally, a definitive book that delivers many unknown facts about every aspect of caring for and sharing your life with a cat, ranging from proper nutrition and strange behavior to medical care and multi-cat households, to grooming and geriatrics.

Girls and Their Cats


by BriAnne Wills

For New York City fashion and beauty photographer BriAnne Wills, the “crazy cat lady” is a myth. Co-written with Elyse Moody, senior editor at Martha Stewart Living, this book redefines the stereotype by showcasing 50 strong, independent, and artistic women who take the world in stride, flanked by their beloved felines. With its vibrant cover and gorgeous faux-suede spine, Girls and Their Cats features striking portraits and engaging profiles of each woman and her cat - or cats - including fun facts unique to each furry friend.

Tell Tail Heart by Cate Conte


by Cate Conte

Welcome back to the charming New England coast, where Maddie James’s cat café is at risk of becoming a crime scene for the purrfect murder…

Maddie is hoping to have some downtime during Daybreak Island’s off-season to tackle her to-do list. Her grandfather’s house-turned-cat-café is under construction and she’s also scoping out places to open a juice bar on the island. On top of that, her relationship with adorable dog groomer Lucas has taken a pawsitive turn.

Big Book of Little Kittens


by Hannah Shaw

From kitten rescuer and humane educator Hannah Shaw, also known as Kitten Lady on YouTube and Instagram, comes an inspiring picture book that takes young readers on the adorable journey of foster kittens from their first days after birth all the way to adoption! 

Featuring irresistible photographs and playful doodles, Kitten Lady's Big Book of Little Kittens shows what you can do to help the tiniest felines in our big, big world.

Tiny but Mighty


by Hannah Shaw

and Andrew Martila

Kitten Lady's Guide to Saving the Most Vulnerable Felines


"They fit in the palm of your hand. Their eyes are closed. They need around-the-clock feeding and care," says Hannah Shaw aka The Kitten Lady. Shaw has rescued hundreds of neonatal kittens, often orphaned and unweaned, who are too small and vulnerable to be in an animal shelter.

Shaw's new book, Tiny but Mighty, outlines how to care for the most at-risk felines, and she shares stories from inside her nursery.

Bailey - No Ordinary Cat


by Erin Merryn

What makes Bailey more addictive than catnip? In addition to his adorable expressions and his hilarious, heartfelt antics, Bailey has a penchant for doing things that are characteristically uncatlike—things like taking bubble baths (and enjoying them), sitting attentively in a chair and being read to (for hours), getting a "pet"-icure, and his unending patience while co-raising his human siblings Abby and Hannah (yes, there is photographic evidence that Bailey helped with potty-training).

Cat Ladies by Susi Schaefer


by Susi Schaefer

Princess has four ladies. Some cats say that’s too many, but there’s no such thing! Taking care of all these ladies can be a lot of work, but Princess doesn’t mind. She knows how to keep them happy with grooming, cuddling, and all the treats they want. Princess has everything under control until, one day, a mysterious stray appears. There’s a little girl in Princess’s favorite napping spot, surrounded by her ladies! Princess is overwhelmed with jealousy, and she leaves the house in a huff.

Cats for Dummies


by Gina Spadafori

and Dr. Lauren Demos 

Everything you need to take care of your feline friend

Cats are the purrfect pets: they’re relatively easy to care for, a blast to play with, and sure to win the heart of every member of your family with their loving nature—and sometimes sassy demeanor!

Cats For Dummies gives you expert insight into everything from cat behavior to what makes each type of feline unique. With this easy-to-understand guide, you'll be able to tackle those tough cat-astrophes from dealing with problem behaviors like scratching the furniture and missing the litter box—all while learning to understand what your cat is trying to tell you.

Cats Are People, Too


by Dave Coverly

A hilarious and affectionate collection of Dave Coverly’s brilliant cat-themed cartoons from his Reuben Award–winning, nationally syndicated panel Speed Bump. This full-color compendium of hilarious cat cartoons has all the charm of its companion, Dogs Are People, Too.Divided into fun chapters such as “Cats and Their Humans,” “DomestiCATed,” “Reigning Cats and Dogs,” and filled with cat clichés, pop “capture,” as well as reflections from six other award-winning, cat-loving cartoonists, this new collection is a surefire purchase perfect for animal-lovers of all ages.

What Your Cat is Thinking


by Bo Söderström 

Everything you need to know to understand your pet

In WHAT YOUR CAT IS THINKING the researcher, biologist and author Bo Söderström weaves together fascinating facts we're only just learning about man's best friends, with highly practical tips to help us better understand and care for the animals in our life. Research on cat and dog behavior, and the complicated psychology which influences their responses and needs has formally exploded in the 21st century, with fascinating new knowledge gained every day.

The Essential Survival Guide for Cat Owners


by Mona Eklund

The Illustrated Dark Humor Companion to Help You Understand Your Pet Kitten and Why It Drives You Mad - by Mona Eklund

This is the only illustrated dark humor survival guidebook for cat lovers that you will ever need. It will keep you from going over the edge when your feline family member has taken control over your house and your life. The book’s witty artwork and spot on cartoons depict life with cats as it is: cats are lovely, cuddly, sweet, as well as headstrong, picky, egotistic, and cunning – true dictators. And they have a memory like an elephant – every little injustice will be avenged.

All Cats Are Introverts: Poems by All Cats


by Francesco Marciuliano

From the #1 New York Timesbestselling author of I Could Pee on This, Francesco Marciuliano presents this humorous and all too relatable book written from the perspective of some pensive, sometimes intense, but nonetheless insightful pets.

The New Guide to Cat Breeds


By Alan Edwards

This illustrated encyclopedia is a complete, visual guide to the world's most popular pedigree and non-pedigree cats. Each breed is identified in color, and typical cat characteristics are described in detail.

The Ultimate Guide to Cat Breeds


By Louisa Somerville

Cats have been domesticated since prehistoric times, perhaps for as long as 5,000 years. Throughout human history, they have been greatly valued as destroyers of vermin, as well as for their ornamental qualities.

The domestic cat is related to lions, tigers, pumas and other wild cats and the similarity in looks and behaviour is immediately apparent.

The Complete Cat Breed Book


by Dorling Kindersley, DK

Combining cat breeds, behavior, and training tips in one easy volume, The Complete Cat Breed Book is an essential reference to the basics of choosing and looking after a cat. Packed with practical advice on cat maintenance, from handling and grooming to nutrition, exercise, and health, current and prospective cat owners will discover the best cat breed for their lifestyle.

Cat’s Company


by Michael Joseph

"This non-fiction book is essentially an ode to how wonderful cats are – both in general and, more specifically, some of Joseph’s favourites. If you’re thinking that this couldn’t fill a whole book then you clearly aren’t the felinophile that I and Joseph are."

A Hisstory of Cat Art Coloring Book


by Kelly Myers

A new coloring book by artist Kelly Myers pays tribute to cats and coloring.

“Meowasterpieces: A Hisstory of Cat Art Coloring Book” includes 22 images inspired famous works of art and famous artists from all over the world. Myers included quotes about cats and “punny” titles, too.

Writers and Their Cats


by Alison Nastasi

Mark Twain, Alice Walker, Haruki Murakami, Ursula K. Le Guin—this volume celebrates 45 famous authors who have shared their homes and hearts with furry feline friends. The photographs and stories in Writers and Their Cats capture the special bond between wordsmith and mouser. From the six-toed kitties who still inhabit the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum in Florida to the mewling muses of mystery writer Lilian Jackson Braun, cats are clearly, in the words of Gloria Steinem, "a writer's most logical and agreeable companion."

Why in the World Did That Cat Do That?


by Peter Scottsdale

Do you long to know why your kitty did something strange, perplexing or wonderful? In this book, you will discover the answers to the most asked “Why?” questions about cats. In a simple question and answer format, the secretive feline is revealed. You can get a deeper understanding of your kitty with the reasons found inside – including:

  • Why do cats purr?
  • Why do cats hate getting wet?
  • Why do cats fight?
  • Why do cats hate dogs?
  • Why do cats throw up?
  • Why do cats knead, purr and drool?
  • Why do cats meow?
  • Why do cats eat grass?
  • Why do cats scratch?
  • Why do cats bite?
  • Why do cats sleep so much?
  • Why do cats make such noise when mating?
  • Why do cats hate car rides?
  • Why do cats drink from the toilet?
  • Why do cats suck on and eat material?
  • And much more.

Medical, Genetic and Behavioral Risk Factors of Purebred Dogs & Cats


by veterinarian Ross D. Clark, DVM

This book helps breeders, veterinarians and dog and cat owners become familiar with specific dog and cat breeds and lists all documented and reported medical conditions of 185 purebred dogs 50 purebred cats. It contains:

  • the breed of the dog or cat plus any synonyms for that breed
  • the different organ systems that serve as headings for the various conditions
  • conditions either documented or reported anecdotally for that breed
  • when available, an abbreviation indicating the mode of inheritance
  • a brief definition of these conditions as well as whether a DNA test is available
  • a select list of references

The Secret Life of Cats Notebook Collection


By Pepe Shimada

This product has not yet been released. It will be available after February 11, 2020.

Celebrate the weird and wonderful life of cats!

What are our kitties really up to when we aren't looking? Peek into their mysterious world with this set of three notebooks featuring artist Pepe Shimada's delightfully imaginative portraits of cats doing unexpected things. From playing guitar to skiing and eating ice cream, cats do it all!

  • 3 paperback notebooks, 6 x 8½ inches each, 64 pages each
  • Full-color cover illustrations
  • One journal is lined, one is blank, one is dotted
  • A great add-on gift or self-purchase for Pepe Shimada fans, cat lovers, and stationery enthusiasts
  • The notebooks are great for bullet journaling, note-taking, goal tracking, and list-making; or use as a daily planner, gratitude journal, or travel log!

How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You


by The Oatmeal

"How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You" compiles some of most popular cat jokes found on and folds them into one neat, tidy package. The well-loved satire and entertainment website brings you favorites like, "How to Pet a Kitty" and "Bobcats," plus 15 new comics created exclusively for this collection. With the included poster, you'll be able to display your love—and fear—of your cat to your friends and family, while you enjoy some side-splitting laughter.

I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats


by Francesco Marciuliano

Laugh out loud at your feline friends’ quirkiness with the insightful and curious poems from the singular minds of housecats in I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats. Enjoy the hilarious tongue-in-cheek poetry from the internationally syndicated comic strip author of Sally Forth, Francesco Marciuliano, as he helps cats unlock their creative potential and explain their odd behavior to us ignorant humans.

I Could Pee on This, Too: And More Poems by More Cats


by Francesco Marciuliano

Enjoy even more of your feline friends’ quirkiness on this well-versed follow-up of I Could Pee On This in I Could Pee on This, Too: And Other Poems by Cats. The hilarious tongue-in-cheek poetry from the internationally syndicated comic strip author of Sally Forth, Francesco Marciuliano, helps cats explore their creative potential further and explains their odd behavior to us ignorant humans.

Cleo: The Cat Who Mended a Family


by Helen Brown

This touching and heartwarming memoir is based on the true story of tragedy, heartbreak and healing experienced by the author and her family. Helen Brown had no intention of adopting a pet when she brought her sons, Sam and Rob, to visit a friend's new kittens. But the runt of the litter was irresistible, with her overlarge ears and dainty chin. When Cleo was delivered a few weeks later, she had no way of knowing that her new family had just been hit by unspeakable tragedy–the unexpected death of Sam. Helen was sure she couldn't keep her until she saw something she thought had vanished from the earth forever: her son Rob's smile.

The Cat Book: Cats of Historical Distinction


by Kathleen Walker-Meikle

A beautifully illustrated history of our relationship with feline companions, The Cat Book: Cats of Historical Distinction follows the impact of felines from the sacred animals of Ancient Egypt to famous pets of the mid-twentieth century.Additional features include the story of Gertrude of Nivelles—the patron saint of cats, as well as the pampered pets of Samuel Johnson and Anna Pavlova. You’ll learn about the early modern associations between cats and outcast women such as witches and prostitutes, their veneration as gods in Egyptian mythology, their ancient rivalry with dogs, and their prominence in folklore across the ages.

Sorry I Barfed on Your Bed (and Other Heartwarming Letters from Kitty)


by Jeremy Greenburg

"Sorry I Barfed on Your Bed (and Other Heartwarming Letters from Kitty) is a bold collection of full-color photos, letters and recommendations from cats to their devoted parents—the only people who will love them no matter what they've done this time. Writer and comedian, Jeremy Greenberg, filled this book with laugh-out-loud letters and photographs that offer a "cat's eye view." It's the perfect gift for cat lovers everywhere, no matter the occasion, and anyone who might get lost in translation during those conversations with their cat.

Star Trek Cats


by Jenny Parks

Captain's log: We have entered a galaxy where beloved illustrator Jenny Parks has conjured an astonishingly vivid homage to the original Star Trek series with an unexpected twist: a cast of cats. Star Trek Cats features a hilarious new take on the iconic characters and scenes. From Kirk in the Captain's chair to Spock offering his Vulcan wisdom, this eye-opening adventure stays true to the tone of the classic TV show. Playful, loving, and from a strange new world, Star Trek Cats is the perfect gift for fans of, well, Star Trek and cats.

Dancing with Cats


by Burton Silver

The cult classic is back! This petite 15th anniversary hardcover reissue of Dancing with Cats keeps all the original mystery and magic of cat dancing delightfully intact.Perpetually ahead of its time, this book presents scores of delightful and inspiring photographs of people and cats engaging in their favorite dance routines as well as moving testimonies of the personal transformations brought about through this uniquely joyous form of human-animal connection. Dancing with Cats will have a new generation of cat lovers, and their cats, jumping for joy and cutting a rug in no time.

It's All About Cats and Kittens


by Editors of Kingfisher

It’s All About Cats and Kittens is a book that’s full of exactly what the title says—cats and kittens! This paperback book has a ton of useful and interesting information about different breeds, how they grow up, their super senses, cat care and much more. It’s part of a collectible series called It’s all about…, where each book has an array of facts and statistics and even free collector cards for you to tear out and keep! But it doesn’t stop there—turn to page three to access the free downloadable audio of It's All About Cats and Kittens! Just log into the provided URL address on the page, tune in and let the fun facts begin!

Chicken Soup for the Soul: What I Learned from the Cat


by Amy Newmark

Get the ultimate cat lovers book! Cats have always been wonderful companions and playmates that brighten and enrich the lives of their owners, but even more than that, cats are also amazing teachers. In this book, cat lovers, both lifelong and reluctant, share what they have learned along the way from their furry pals. Serving to delight readers, it’s full of humorous, heartwarming, and inspiring stories. You’ll even see your own cat through new eyes with true stories about learning who’s in charge, converting cat haters into lovers, the amazing intuition of cats, therapy cats, and more.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Very Good, Very Bad Cat


by Amy Newmark

Every cat lover will enjoy reading Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Very Good, Very Bad Cat: 101 Heartwarming Stories about Our Happy, Heroic & Hilarious Pets. Sometimes you can choose your family by choosing to love a cat, and just because they are animals doesn’t mean they won’t be as complex and individual as everyone else around. Silly and sophisticated, impish and affectionate, and everywhere in between, cats are important and beloved members of the family.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: I Can't Believe My Cat Did That!


by Jack Canfield

Delight your mind with Chicken Soup for the Soul: I Can't Believe My Cat Did That!: 101 Stories about the Crazy Antics of Our Feline Friends.All cat owners rejoice in the simple absurdities, funny habits, and crazy antics of their feline companions. And in this book, you’ll get to enjoy 101 heartwarming, inspirational, and hysterical stories about real cats in their everyday lives. This collection will make you laugh and touch your heart, and just be warned—you’ll find yourself saying “I can’t believe the cat did that!” over and over again.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Loving Our Cats


by Jack Canfield

Celebrate your love of cats with Chicken Soup for the Soul: Loving Our Cats: Heartwarming and Humorous Stories about our Feline Family Members. Because who isn’t crazy about these mysterious creatures? Sometimes they are your best friend, and sometimes they are aloof, and they’re always fun to watch.

In these true stories, the best from the Chicken Soup library, readers will appreciate their own cats and see them with a new eye. Featuring heartwarming, amusing, inspirational, and occasionally tearful stories about these faithful companions, topics include cats that have healed people or other pets, saved lives, rejuvenated friendships, and more

Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Cat's Life


by Jack Canfield

Prepare to go through all the emotions with Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Cat's Life: 101 Stories about All the Ages and Stages of Our Feline Family Members. From kittenhood through the twilight years, feline companions continually bring joy, love, and laughter into the lives of their so-called “staff.” And this collection of 101 stories covers it all, capturing the experience of living through the natural life cycle with cats. This book also holds a special chapter about grieving and recovery when our feline friends leave us, helping to warm the heart and ease the pain.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Cat Did What?


by Amy Newmark

Prepare yourself for a good laugh with Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Cat Did What?: 101 Amazing Stories of Magical Moments, Miracles and... Mischief. Feline friends constantly surprise and charm with their silly antics, impressive intelligence, and their loving connections with family members. And in this book, you’ll get to enjoy 101 amazing and humorous stories about all the mischief, miracles and magic that cats have brought into people’s lives. This collection will make you laugh and touch your heart, and just be warned—you’ll find yourself saying “The cat did what?” over and over again.

A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life


by James Bowen

A Street Cat Named Bob tells the true story of street musician James Bowen who had no idea how much his life was about to change after finding an injured cat curled up in the hallway of his apartment building. James was living hand-to-mouth on the streets of London, barely making enough money to feed himself, and the last thing he needed was a pet. Yet James couldn't resist helping the strikingly intelligent but very sick animal, whom he named Bob. He slowly nursed Bob back to health and then sent the cat on his way, imagining that he would never see him again. But Bob had other ideas. This best-selling book teaches us about the transformative power of love between man and animal, and is guaranteed to win over countless readers.

The World According to Bob: The Further Adventures of One Man and His Streetwise Cat


by James Bowen

The sequel to the international bestseller A Street Cat Named Bob,The World According to Bobcontinues the remarkable adventures of James and Bob who return in this touching and true sequel about one man and the cat that changed his life. As James struggles to adjust to his transformation from street musician to international celebrity, Bob is at his side, providing moments of intelligence, bravery and humor. He opens his human friend's eyes to important truths about friendship, loyalty, trust and the meaning of happiness.

Lil BUB's Lil Book: The Extraordinary Life of the Most Amazing Cat on the Planet


by Lil Bub

By popular demand comes Lil BUB's Lil Book: The Extraordinary Life of the Most Amazing Cat on the Planet. This adorable “perma-kitten” might look a little different than other felines, but her tiny size, toothless mouth, and extra toes have made her a darling of cat lovers around the world. A true star, this celebri-cat is finally satisfying her demanding public with a book. Showcasing 100 captioned, full-color photos of Lil BUB on various adventures through space, flying in hot air balloons, and just napping, this book is exactly what her millions of fans want. It’s the perfect book for anyone who needs more cute in their life!

Really Important Stuff My Cat Has Taught Me


by Cynthia L. Copeland

Take a deeper look into the lessons our feline companions have to teach in Workman Publishing Really Important Stuff My Cat Has Taught Me. Pairing the perfect photograph with just the right sentiment, every page delivers a life lesson that’s entertaining and frequently unpredictable, yet reminds us again and again what’s really important. From “Have more questions than answers.” to “Sometimes you have to leap before you look.”, the author shares her gift for uncovering why cats are the ultimate savants, possessing intelligence, poise and sass in equal measure.

97 Ways to Make a Cat Like You


by Carol Kaufmann

You’ll finally get some answers to the question all cat owners have asked at least once with Workman Publishing 97 Ways to Make a Cat Like You. This whimsical, interactive guide explains these mysterious, fickle, seemingly aloof family members in hilarious, yet helpful, fashion. Paired with a full-color photograph of friendly, extroverted, happy cats, the 97 inspired, occasionally silly but always behavior-based, tips and tricks prove that when a cat is treated right, he will respond in kind–most of the time. This adorable book is a must for anyone who’s ever struggled to gain their cat’s affection.

Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, How I Learned about Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat


by Gwen Cooper

Once in nine lives, something extraordinary happens, as depicted in Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned about Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat. The last thing Gwen Cooper wanted was another cat. She already two, not to mention a phenomenally underpaying job and a recently broken heart. And yet when her veterinarian told her about a three-week-old eyeless kitten that had been abandoned, it was love at first sight in this true story.

Stink Outside the Box


by Jeremy Greenburg

Stink Outside the Box is a sidesplitting collection of full-color photos peppered with words of advice from our beloved cats. This book highlights adorable photographs of kitties sharing their thoughtful tidbits and timeless guidance to both humans and fellow felines alike. Now, you can follow the trail these notorious companions have blazed and land on your feet. Learn that it's okay to gain fur during the winter, to leave kittenhood mistakes in the past and, most importantly, that while we can't control our environment, we can control where we barf in it. It's time that humans learn about the feline purr-spective.

What Cats Teach Us


by Glenn Dromgoole

Celebrate the lessons that come with cat ownership with Willow Creek Press What Cats Teach Us. Fresh on the heels of the successful What Dogs Teach Us, author Glenn Dromgoole offers similar insight for the world of cat lovers. Cats, better known for their reprimanding attitudes towards humans, still have much to teach. From keeping fastidious grooming habits, eating a healthy fish diet and getting plenty of rest to nurturing your independent spirit, expressing your individuality and embracing your curiosity, What Cats Teach Us reminds us of what in life is important to avoid, defend, cherish and enjoy.

I Knead My Mommy: And Other Poems by Kittens


by Francesco Marciuliano 

Discover the cute and funny misadventures of cats in I Knead My Mommy: And Other Poems by Kittens. With confessional poems about the triumphs, trials, and daily discoveries of being a kitten, this book will warm your heart. You will smile and giggle with such instant classics as “And Then You Said 'No,'" "Ode to a Lizard I Didn't Know Is Also a Pet in This House," and "I Will Save You." Get a glimpse into the minds of your confused and curious feline friends as they encounter the world around them with adorable photos of the poetic prodigies throughout this volume.

Adventure Cats: Living Nine Lives to the Fullest


by Laura J. Moss

Adventure Cats is the ultimate–and unexpected–guide to taking your cat into the wild. When animal writer and active hiker Laura Moss couldn’t find an online resource for hitting the trail with her cat, she created one. took off like wildfire, and now this collection of jaw-dropping photographs, inspiring stories of real-life cats, and all the how-to tips you need will take you and your cats well beyond the backyard.

Crazy Cat Lady


by Agnes Loonstra

and Ester Scholten

Your friends have probably already dubbed you, “The Crazy Cat Lady”, so you might as well embrace it at this point! Crazy Cat Lady is a book written for the feline fanatics like yourself. It features joyful illustrations with amusing mottos, flowcharts and fun facts. It also comes with a bonus sheet of colorful stickers! This book is a charming tribute to cat companions and also makes the purr-fect gift for the fellow cat lover in your life!

Beautiful Beasties: A Creative Guide to Modern Pet Photography


by Jamie Pflughoeft

Learn how to take calendar-quality pictures of your pet with Wiley Beautiful Beasties: A Creative Guide to Modern Pet Photography. Offering professional advice on snapping every adorable moment, it’s the book that pet lovers need! Inside, you’ll find terrific tips on taking the best photos from expert photographers, who understand the unique challenges of working with animals.

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