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EDITORIAL COMMENTS from Doug Hines, publisher of

Stupid People Who Use Cats For Their Own Entertainment

Or... The Dangerous Area of Objectifying Living Beings

Caution: this editorial comment is 'strongly opinionated'. If the shoe fits, wear it.

You know, I have the ultimate respect for most of you cat-parents out there. Most of us devote our entire lives to caring for our cats with all the love, heart and devotion that we have within us.

As of late, however, I have become completely fed up with people who treat their cats as amusement objects.

There are people who just don't get it. They think their cats exist for their own pleasure. They couldn't possibly grasp the idea that maybe, just maybe, humans might have an immediate and direct responsibility to actually CARE for their cats. Maybe, just maybe, cats (and dogs and other animals) are, at a minimum, our equals in this plane of existence. Did you ever stop to consider that animals might very well be SUPERIOR to human beings? Could that be possible???

Now here's where I express my personal opinion. I do it unapologetically in an attempt to wake up stupid people.

There used to be an old saying... If the shoe fits, wear it. For you idiots who may not understand that phrase, let me translate it for you. If this message applies to you, you'll know who you are and probably get angry at me. If not, turn to another page and ignore my rant.

Here's the message: "Stop Hurting Your Cats You Ignorant School Children."

Fact is, many of you have gone mental during the current virus situation and have turned to your cats for ENTERTAINMENT. You lowlifes think your cats are 'yours' and you can do whatever you like with them. You treat them like objects - something to play with.

A trend has developed online, particularly on Instagram, of people dying their cat's fur or cutting their cat's fur to resemble dragons or dinosaurs. Other first grade school children dress up their cats in "funny" [sarcastic] costumes. You immature, adolescence guttersnipe think it's "cute."

Now look... Don't get me wrong. I can appreciate people putting a little hat on a cat. In fact, there is such a pic on the front page of right now. HOWEVER... there is a big difference between putting a hat on a cat, and forcing a cat to sit while it gets dyed, fur cut, claws covered in plastic, and dressed in some extravagant costume.

Cats are sentient beings who deserve complete and total love and respect from their human partners/caretakers/guardians/parents. Get it dummies? Cats deserve just as much care as you would give your 'significant other' or your child or your parents or yourself.

Here's a news item that hits the nail on the head:

Cats Protection, RSPCA and British Veterinary Association unite against dino-paws trend

4/28/20  "Several animal welfare charities and the voice of vets in the UK have expressed concern over a bizarre new cat grooming trend called dino-paws.  Cat owners across the world have posted pictures online, particularly on Instagram, of their feline companions sporting a ‘dragoncut’ or ‘dinocut’. The trend involves cutting fur to resemble the spikes of a dragon or dinosaur."  

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “It’s great that people want to spend quality time with their pets but important for owners to understand that some of the things they enjoy may be distressing for their cats who don’t understand what is happening to them or why.

“Our pets are living creatures and dyeing them and shaving their fur in this way sends out a worrying message that they could be viewed as novelty accessories rather than as intelligent, sentient animals.

Read the rest of the story here - SWLondoner


Here's Another News Story Where We're Getting Into the Dangerous Area of Objectifying Living Beings

It seems that lately people are looking for "instant companionship" much like they seek "instant gratification" The headline says it all... "The LATEST IN-DEMAND ITEM for people stuck at home -- CATS." Damn it people! Cats are not "items" to be thrown aside after you are finished sucking your thumbs while sequestered at home during the pandemic. I'm thinking that the author and the people in this story only have cats' best interests at heart, but the language of the story is itself revealing.   CBC

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