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Travel With Your Cat:

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• P.A.W.S.: Are we there yet?

3/15/2020  "Moving to a new home is very stressful for us, but it is even more stressful for our pets since they have spent most of their lives in one place. It is even worse for pets, such as indoor cats, that never go outside. Remove one piece of furniture that is your cat’s favorite and you will have changed her whole world. She won’t let you forget it. However, there are some things that you can do to make moving easier on you and your pets." - McAlester News-Capital

• 16 questions about flying with your pet in the U.S., answered

12/13/2019  "If you thought it was complicated to fly with your pet, you’re right. Just like traveling with family members, it can be stressful and confusing to coordinate your flights together. For our furry friends, getting in the air is not as simple as buying a ticket and showing up to the airport, even if you’re only traveling within the country. There can be certificates to obtain, medicine to be prescribed and fees to pay." - The Washington Post

• Mistakes People Make Traveling With Cats

2/20/2020  "Some mistakes can be more disastrous than others. The same can be said about making a mistake while traveling with your cat or pet. Sometimes, even the most honest mistakes an owner can make can lead to a terrible ending for your cuddly family member." - TouristMeetsTraveler

• 6 important tips to make that pet camping trip a success

2/21/2020  "More and more public campgrounds around the country are open to camping with dogs and sometimes other animal friends." - TribLive

• How to make taking your cat to the vet less stressful

2/17/2020  "It is estimated one in five homes in Illinois has at least one cat... for cats to live their happiest and healthiest lives, a trip to the vet at least once a year is important." - Daily Herald

• Adventurous cat Miss Rigby has been sailing the waters of the Caribbean since she was a kitten

1/26/2020  "Also known as Rigs, Riggles or Chicken, the champagne-coloured kitty loves nothing more than exploring the waters of the USA and the Caribbean with owners Shane and Maryvonne." - METRO

• Whiskey the cat has travelled around the world

1/25/2020  "When it comes to loving their cat, the Burton family have proved they're in it for the long haul. Whiskey became part of their New Plymouth household on January 25, 2005, and during his 15 years has survived a house fire, being hit by a car and half-a-dozen extended flights around the world" - Taranaki Daily News

• Boarding tips that can save your dog's or cat's life

1/21/2020  "PETA recently obtained state records revealing dangerous, inhumane conditions; inadequate space; and even deaths of animals at four PetSmart stores offering the chain's "PetsHotel" boarding services..." - Travel Daily News

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