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Cats: Diet / Nutrition

Articles from Significant, Trusted Authors

The Diet of Carnivores

• Dogs & Cats are CARNIVORES they are NOT omnivores like human beings...

Cat News Now® publisher Doug Hines' note:  In all of my studies I have never read a more clear and concise, nor a more important article about the carnivore digestive process than this one.

8/20/2019  "This whole vegetable feeding thing is nothing but humans wanting to treat their pets like they are furry human beings (and they are not as that is an insult to them) and then the Holistic vets that seemingly forget about the anatomy & physiology of dogs & cats as well." - Mary Marseglia   Read more here   [you will be asked to log into Facebook to read this article]

• The Boil, Steam, Blend Mix "MYTH" of Feeding Vegetables/Plant Matter to Your Domestic Carnivores..

11/6/2018  "A Prey Model Raw Diet does not contain fruits(or very little since wolves do consume 2% to 3% of seasonal fruits usually berries although apples & pears have been observed being eaten as well but they also eat these fruits NOT with their raw prey/kill - which is why I advise if you are feeding a little fruit - to feed away from their raw meat meals because the digestion rate is different as well), NO veggies and NO grains." - Mary Marseglia   Read more here  [you will be asked to log into Facebook to read this article]

• Dogs & Cats (yes- even Ferrets) are "Carnivores" Through and Through!

10/23/2018  "Despite what the pet food industry and conglomerate companies tell you, there is no escaping the fact, cats, dogs and ferrets are carnivores through and through. Some claim our companions have adapted to a dry cereal based diet but the advent of dry pet foods only occurred about 70 to 80 years ago around World War II (canned foods were started around 1929 or so)." - Mary Marseglia   Read more here  [you will be asked to log into Facebook to read this article]

• Dry Kibble - Short version of how most of them are made!

11/15/2016  "Please understand Dry Kibble and most canned foods are the WORSE thing you can feed your dogs & cats!" "The vast majority of pet owners in America & around the World feed their pets commercially prepared pet foods. NOT GOOD!! When choosing a pet food, one of the first considerations is what type of food should be fed: dry, semi-moist, or canned. With hundreds of choices available, all of which are claiming to be the best one for your pet, choosing the best pet food can be a very confusing endeavor." - Mary Marseglia   Read more here  [you will be asked to log into Facebook to read this article]

• Feeding Dogs & Cats Vegetables -- The Carnivores Digestive Limitations!

9/27/2016  "There are others that actually understand the anatomy & physiology of dogs and cats but seems too many, even Holistic vets, forget the limitations of dogs and cats digestive system as well.  Some DO seem to understand the limitations of a carnivores digestive system and dogs & cats are true carnivores(cats are actually obligate carnivores)." - Mary Marseglia   Read more here  [you will be asked to log into Facebook to read this article]

• How Much To Feed Our Dogs & Cats

7/30/2016  "One way we can help our pets eat enough is to feed our adult healthy dogs only one meal per day.  In this way, when it comes to their next meal, 24 hours later, they are hungry and ready to eat. This is “not” for feeding puppies & kittens as they will need to be fed 3-4x a day depending on their age & health.   Healthy cats should be fed 2x a day but many times especially during the hotter weather, they will only eat one meal a day." - Mary Marseglia   Read more here  [you will be asked to log into Facebook to read this article]

The RAW Diet

• Raw Diets For Dogs & Cats: Getting Enough Vitamins And Minerals

9/27/2016  "One of the main reasons pet owners are reluctant to switch their dog & cat to a raw diet is the fear their dog & cat wouldn’t get enough vitamins and minerals. Many others feed plant and vegetable matter for an added vitamin and mineral punch but this over works the pancreas to produce more enzymes which really should NOT be done if you would understand the anatomy & physiology of not only dogs & cats but of all true carnivores." - Mary Marseglia   Read more here  [you will be asked to log into Facebook to read this article]

• How To Make Your Own Ground Egg Shell Supplement and How Much To Give

7/21/2016  "Please note, all of this information is for pets eating a wholesome complete raw meat diet only. Since the raw meat diet stimulates the highly acidic stomach of a carnivore — and since calcium requires acid to be extracted from the food so the body can absorb it, only those pets eating a complete raw meat diet should have a calcium supplement added to their diet. Pets eating cooked meat and/or commercial pet food of dry kibble &/or canned foods or both, will not make enough acid thus causing the calcium to be stored, often in the joints leading to arthritis, etc." - Mary Marseglia   Read more here  [you will be asked to log into Facebook to read this article]

• Making your own Complete Raw Food Diet - 80%/5/5-7/5-10/7-10% - I will break this down...

7/2/2016  NOTE: ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS ARTICLE IS COPYRIGHTED.  "The most important thing that many people don’t like to hear is that your raw diet should be made “primarily” from herbivore/ungulate animals not from poultry or pork or even fish This means beef, sheep/lamb, goat, rabbit, venison, elk, bison, caribou,  llama, alpaca, moose, even beaver--although I do not feed beaver myself, etc. You can also feed to “healthy” dogs & cats, even “some” water fowl such as duck & goose." - Mary Marseglia   Read more here  [you will be asked to log into Facebook to read this article]

• The Importance of Calcium In Natural Homemade RAW Pet Food

7/9/2016  "The single most important supplement, when feeding a wholesome raw meat diet, is calcium. You must add calcium to the diet, but using human calcium supplements is not suggested since they do not provide enough calcium nor any of the necessary supportive nutrients. So please keep reading to learn more about calcium and the importance of calcium in homemade pet food." - Mary Marseglia   Read more here  [you will be asked to log into Facebook to read this article]

• Bones Are Not The Best Source of Calcium For Dogs and Cats

6/24/2016  "What I really want is for people to stop and think for a moment — to realize that in nature, carnivores don't obtain calcium from a singular source such as bones. Instead, carnivores obtain calcium from multiple sources — bones just being one part of the solution." - Mary Marseglia   Read more here  [you will be asked to log into Facebook to read this article]

• Recommended Canned Cat foods for transitioning to raw food

4/5/2016  "My recommendations for higher quality “grain-free” “as low in starches & veggies as possible” canned cat foods:  (many of these come in dog foods as well which I also recommend to dogs that are not on raw diets or you are trying to transition slowly)" - Mary Marseglia   Read more here  [you will be asked to log into Facebook to read this article]

Articles from Current News Publications - Diet/Nutrition

• Cat Food Made From Insects

3/21/2020  "There are compelling reasons to manufacture cat food from insects as it is a natural food resource for cats and an excellent source of protein. Importantly, the environmental footprint from insect produced protein is far less than for the equivalent protein produced from cows." - PoC

• There's a fly in my kibble! Insect-based pet food takes off

3/16/2020  "Apparently, dog food made from the larvae of black soldier flies tastes like a combination of beef and cheese. But if humans want to brave sampling it, an accompanying glass of wine might help to get it down. So says Will Bisset, sales and innovation director of Yora Pet Foods, a British startup at the crest of the world's nascent insect-based animal feed movement." - VIN NEWS SERVICE

• Don't Miss the CatFoodIngredients.com page on Dietary Supplementation

Supplementing Your Cat's Diet Makes Sense - Read About it Here

• Can cats and dogs eat Nutella? (NO)

2/5/2020  "With today being World Nutella Day – when fans worldwide celebrate the popular delicious chocolate hazelnut spread – it’s likely you’ll be indulging in the yummy treat at some point. But can you also share it with cats and dogs? Here’s everything you need to know." - METRO

• The Very Best Diet for Cats, According to Vets

10/08/2019   "Though you wouldn’t necessarily think so, a cat’s diet is actually very particular. They’re what’s referred to as “obligate carnivores,” which means they must eat high amounts of meat in order to nourish their bodies and live happy healthy lives. To help you navigate the world of cat diets, we asked experts to weigh in." - Reader's Digest

• People For Cats - What and how should you feed your cat?

1/24/2020  "Dry food or wet? Canned or fresh? Pâté, bits, shreds or fillets? Is it best to feed on a schedule or to allow the cat to eat any time he’s hungry? In order to try to answer these questions, we looked at the eating habits of cats in the wild." - The Flamouth Enterprise

• The best pet food delivery services

1/26/2020  "We are not just talking about your company delivering your pet food. Finding the right food delivery services for your dog or cat can be a challenge, to say the least, since there are so many food delivery options to choose from and so many opinions on the "best way" to optimize nutrition, ingredients and vitamins and minerals for dogs and cats." - NewsDio

• Can Cats Eat Cheese?

7/4/2019  "Whether you’ve given your cat some cheese and he seemed to like it, or your cat looks at you like he wants a bite whenever you have cheese around, a commonly asked question is: Can cats eat cheese? We did some research so we could dig into this topic. " - PetGuide.com


• Poor nutrition: All pet foods are not created equal

1/20/2020  "After doing a little research, I was appalled to find that most of the dry pet foods on the bestselling list are also on the list of the worst pet foods.In spite of the fact that U.S. citizens spend more than $70 billion on our pets each year, we are apparently very guilty of feeding them poorly." - TheDailyJournal

• There Might be Shark in Your Pet's Food

12/27/2019  "...New research shows that shark squalene is in pet food, too. DNA analysis reveals that at least some of it is coming from endangered species." - Hakai Magazine

• Diet essentials for your kitten

12/6/2019  "Just like their big cat cousins, kittens are true carnivores. Their teeth, tongue and digestive systems are specially designed for eating meat. As carnivores, kittens need lots of protein and a complex balance of nutrients. Also, because they grow so fast, kittens need different levels of certain nutrients compared to adult cats, including the right ratio of calcium to phosphorus. To give your newest addition to the family a balanced and nutritional diet, Whiskas helps you understand the essentials needed for your kitten’s diet." - germistoncitynews.com

• Pet Doc: What your cat needs in its diet - Taurine

12/2/2019  VIDEO: "Pet Doc Dr. Dennis Larsen said it's important for cats to get a certain ingredient in their diet. "Taurine is an amino acid, which is the building block for proteins. Taurine is needed in multiple areas for your cat to maintain normal body functions. "Taurine is not present naturally in all foods and if your cat happens to be eating a diet low in taurine, eventually it will develop a deficiency." - NTVabc

• Finding consensus on the best way to feed your cats

11/30/2019  "The good doctors and specialists at the American Association of Feline Practitioners make it clear that it is not only what we feed our cats that makes them healthy, but also how we feed them. The AAFP is an organization of veterinarians dedicated to improving the health and welfare of cats through high standards of practice, continuing education and evidence-based medicine." - Moscow-Pullman Daily News

• What’s in a label? Ingredients to avoid in your pet's food

11/7/2019  "We’ve become a nation of label readers for the food we feed our family, and many animal lovers are extending that to their pet's food. But not everyone knows what ingredients to watch, avoid and look for – or if they should be reading labels at all." - Yahoo

• Can Cats Eat Dog Food?

11/2/2019  "Some cats will eat whatever food they can find, while others will turn their nose up at their dish if they don’t get their favorite brand. For the ones that will eat anything, you have to make sure they aren’t getting into food that isn’t made for cats." - Reader's Digest

• Pet Talk - Eating Your Greens: The Basics of Cat Grass

10/31/2019  "When confronted with the topic of healthy eating, we, as humans, are frequently reminded of the importance of including daily greens in our diets. Does your cat’s diet need the same? Dr. Lori Teller, a clinical associate professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, discusses the basics of cat grass that every cat owner should know." - Courier Journal

• How to help pets maintain healthy weight

10/11/2019   "Many pet owners would never intentionally harm their companion animals. In fact, pet owners often go above and beyond to ensure their animals are well cared for and content. However, many well-meaning people may be inadvertently harming their pets with something they provide each and every day: food. Obesity is on the rise among pets." - HomeTownFocus

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