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Cancer, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Urinary Tract Infection/Disease (FLUTD)

Articles from Trusted Veterinary Information Sources

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Articles from Current News Publications - Cancer

• What is a sarcoma in cats?

3/7/2020  "An Internet search for the above term produces a long list of articles on vaccine-associated feline sarcomas. That tells us immediately that most sarcomas in cats are caused by vaccines or at least that was the case as at 2008. However, strictly speaking, a sarcoma is a cancer that arises from muscle, bone or other connective tissue." - PoC

• Cancer is Now the #1 Killer of Cats and Dogs; Is Your Pet at Risk?

12/10/2019  "More cats and dogs are being diagnosed with cancer than ever before. According to the American Veterinary Medical Society, almost 50pc of all dogs and 32pc of all cats over the age of 10 will develop cancer. Younger pets are also increasingly at risk." - NewKerala.com

• Growing number of pets diagnosed with cancer every year

11/24/2019  "A growing number of cats and dogs are diagnosed with cancer every year according to BluePearl Pet Hospitals. Dr. Nick Szigetvari is a veterinary oncologist at BluePearl Speciality and Emergency Pet Hospital in Cool Springs. He said when you can't communicate with your cat, it's hard to know if they're in pain, so it's important to pay attention to minor changes." - NewsChannel5 - Nashville

• Beloved cat faces cancer diagnosis

11/10/2019  "My mother and I seek your thoughts on one of our cats, a 10-year-old neutered male. Two years ago, he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and treated with radioactive iodine. He has done well in that regard. About six weeks ago, we noticed that his breathing sounded very nasal and gurgling so we had him examined. They flushed the nasal cavity and told us that even though the diagnosis was that of nasal carcinoma, the flush had opened things up some. Since then he has done very well." - Boston Herald

IBD - Inflammatory Bowel Disease

• Is IBD in cats painful?

12/17/2019  "Yes, IBD in cats is painful. It is painful in people and therefore it must be the same for cats. Also, I know this because today I was reading about a study on facial expressions when cats are in pain. It’s a study which looks at how cats’ facial expressions change subtly when they are in pain. Of course, the researchers had to pick participants for the study who were in pain." - PoC

Urinary Tract Infection/Disease (FLUTD)

• Cats get 2 types of bladder stones; one dissolves with diet, other needs surgery

1/19/2020  "In cats less than 10 years of age, bladder stones (uroliths) are the second-most common cause of urinary tract disease in cats (assuming they can still urinate and are not blocked). There are two common types of uroliths that cats get and they require drastically different treatments." - Quad-City Times

• Pet Docs: Cat needs surgery to deal with urinary tract issues

1/17/2020  "Oscar has a condition known as feline urologic syndrome (FUS), or feline lower urinary tract Disease (FLUTD). Patient factors such as metabolism, activity level, age when neutered and obesity play a role, as do environmental factors. Indoor cats are more at risk, and there is some evidence that regional factors, specifically the water supply, may play into this as well. However, since relatively few cats in a given environment have this problem, it appears that patient characteristics predominate." - The Post and Courier

• Despite litter box smell, there may be no problem

11/9/2019  [Doug's Note: In this story the vet has ruled out urinary tract infection. I include the story here because sometimes we can learn from associated subjects.]

"Q. We have three cats that have always used the litter box, and we have had zero issues for at least five years. But the past couple of months, I have noticed there is a really strong ammonia smell to their three litter boxes. My veterinarian wanted to know if any of the cats was in the litter box more often than the others or when in it, did it take the cat longer to go and get out." - Quad City Times

Senior Cat Care


• Senior Pets

Thanks to better care, pets are living longer now than they ever have before – but as pets get older, they need extra care and attention. 

Regular veterinary examinations can detect problems in older pets before they become advanced or life-threatening, and improve the chances of a longer and healthier life for your pet." - American Veterinary Medical Association

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