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Articles from Current News Publications - Allergies

• What Does a Study of Slow Lorises Actually Say About Cat Allergies?

2/19/2020  "An unusual theory ultimately warrants skepticism under further research is conducted" "For now, their hypothesis is just that: a hypothesis—one that has yet to be rigorously tested, as Wayne Thomas, an allergy expert at the University of Western Australia who wasn’t involved in the study, tells Natalie Parletta at the Guardian. Until that happens, some skepticism is warranted." - Smithsonian Magazine

• Is the domestic cat allergen Fel d 1 a toxic defence to keep predators away?

2/7/2020  "About one in ten people are allergic to domestic cats. This is because of a protein, the allergen Fel d 1, in their saliva which is deposited on their fur, which dries and floats off into the environment as cat dander. It’s a remarkably problematic aspects of our relationship with domestic cats." - PoC

• Pets also can suffer from allergies and allergic reactions

2/3/2020  "Since we’ve opened some dialog regarding your pet’s nutrition, we should also discuss allergies since a good number of animals suffer from them. Just like humans, pets can also develop allergic reactions to food or things they come in contact with in their environment. There are allergy tests using analysis of blood, saliva or hair; but their accuracy is not really proven." - The Daily Journal

• Dr. Fox: Itchy cats: don't give anti-flea treatment first

2/2/2020  "Too many people apply anti-flea pesticides to their cats and dogs as soon as they see them scratching. That can make the animals ill, or even kill them, and may not have been warranted in the first place. There are other reasons why animals start to scratch themselves and lick and groom excessively." - 

• The 8 best cats for people with allergies

1/3/2020  "If you're an animal lover that suffers from pet allergies, you're not alone. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, as many as three out of every ten people in the U.S. suffer from pet allergies. Of those, allergic reactions to cats are some of the most common. In fact, it’s estimated that cat allergies are about twice as common as those caused by dogs." - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

• Worried That Your Furry Friend Has Allergies? Here's What to Watch For, And How to Help

12/28/2019  "It started one day when I thought my dog was drooling on me. "Gross, Dakota," I said as I got up to wipe my arm. But then, as I sat back down next to my Siberian husky, I realized that it wasn't drool, but was her nose that was dripping, like she had a cold." - Popsugar

• Signs of allergy symptoms in dogs, cats

12/9/2019  VIDEO: "With the warmer weather approaching, it’s common for your dog (and sometimes cat) to suffer from allergies. The sooner you become aware of allergy symptoms, the sooner you can take action! First, look out for head shaking, paw licking, and excessive scratching around the flanks. The goal is to get your pet to the doctor BEFORE secondary skin infections set in." - NewsChannel20

• Worried That Your Furry Friend Has Allergies? Here's What to Watch For, And How to Help

12/5/2019  "It started one day when I thought my dog was drooling on me."Gross, Dakota, I said as I got up to wipe my arm. But then, as I sat back down next to my Siberian husky, I realized that it wasn't drool, but was her nose that was dripping, like she had a cold. I made a mental note to pay extra close attention to her during the next day or so to see if she was, in fact, not feeling well or if it was just a fluke." - Popsugar

• Dr. Fox: Cat has troubling allergies

11/24/2019  "Dear Dr. Fox: My cat Moxie is a 4-year-old neutered, flea-free indoor cat. At age 6 months, he began to chew and scratch and lose hair. After a diet change, which made no difference, a blood test found him allergic to wool, cotton, grass and people. For more than a year, I gave him shots for the allergies, and he also received steroid shots as necessary during that time. The allergy shots made no difference, and were difficult to give." - Journal Now

• Researchers Say Vaccine Given To Cats Could Help Allergic People From Reacting

11/15/2019  "Christiane Panis is so allergic to cats that she usually wears a mask when she combs her cat’s fur. “When I cough, it’s terrible. Day and night for six months. It’s unbearable,” Panis said. She considers the cat a beloved family member and rejected suggestions she give the cat away because of her allergies. Now, Swiss researchers say they’ve developed a vaccine given to cats that could stop allergies in people." -  3CBS Philly

• Scientists create vaccine aimed at ending cat allergies

11/15/2019  VIDEO: "Cat allergies could soon be a thing of the past. Researchers say a medical breakthrough that involves a vaccine given to cats could actually keep allergic people from sneezing. Swiss researchers say they've developed a vaccine given to cats that could stop allergies in people." - WGME

• Allergic to cats? New food may help you both: Pet Connection

10/23/2019  "Q: I heard about a new food for cats that will reduce human allergies to them. Is that really available?    A: The short answer is that a product like that is in the works and may be available within the year. That’s huge for people who love cats but are allergic to them, as well as for cats in shelters who need homes." - GoErie.com

• After A Year Of Severe Allergies, Cat Finally Finds Relief By Moving To Arizona

10/25/2019  CAUTION: GRAPHIC IMAGES:  "For anyone with medical issues related to the weather, we can simply go to the nearest pharmacy and pick up medication. If one doesn’t work, we have an array to choose from so that we can comfortably settle back into life. But for one cat suffering from severe allergies in North Carolina, it took more than a year to find relief from her environment!" - Cole and Marmalade

Other Articles from Current News Publications

• For Pet's Sake: Cat acne

3/13/2020  VIDEO: Chin Pyoderma  IdahoNews.com

• Feline panleukopenia virus identified as cause; shelter’s feline quarantine continues

2/15/2020  "The infection found in cats at the Cambria County Humane Society shelter has been identified as the deadly, but easily prevented, feline panleukopenia virus, the society announced Friday." - The Tribune-Democrat

• Points for Pets: Looking at common diseases in dogs and cats

2/2/2020  "Q: What are some of the most common diseases that small animal veterinarians have to treat in pet animals, mainly dogs and cats? A: A recent list compiled by VPI, a veterinary insurance company, revealed the following as some of the most common diseases treated by veterinarians nationwide in 2019." - WVNews

• P.A.W.S.: Hair balls and how to take care of them

2/1/2020  "If you have one or more cats or know someone who has a cat, you are familiar with hair balls. Most cats will probably develop hair balls, sometimes called fur balls, at least once in their life. Usually it happens more often if she is a long-haired cat since long-haired cats shed a larger amount of hair than her short-haired cousins. Hair balls are an unpleasant side effect of her inclination to stay clean and well groomed." - McAlester News-Captial

Senior Cat Care


• Senior Pets

Thanks to better care, pets are living longer now than they ever have before – but as pets get older, they need extra care and attention. 

Regular veterinary examinations can detect problems in older pets before they become advanced or life-threatening, and improve the chances of a longer and healthier life for your pet." - American Veterinary Medical Association

• Points for Pets: Examining reasons older cats aren't doing well

3/8/2020  "Cats are very skilled at hiding health problems, sometimes to the point where you don’t discover an illness until it’s almost too late. If he’s sleeping a lot more than usual, not eating as well, not playing or jumping, or simply hiding more, there’s a good chance he could have a medical problem." - WVNews

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