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• Five insidious feline diseases

3/24/2020  "There are five notorious feline diseases, or groups of diseases, that all cat parents should be familiar with. Chronic kidney disease damages most of a cat’s kidney tissue so it doesn’t function normally. Common signs include drinking and urinating too much, weight loss and lethargy. Cats with diabetes have high levels of blood sugar, which cause similar signs. The same goes for cats with hyperthyroidism, but they might experience diarrhea and vomiting too..." - UFHealth Podcasts

• Cats are lactose intolerant

3/16/2020  "Thanks to the internet a lot of cat guardians know that domestic cats are lactose intolerant. However, many cat owners are unsure about it or don’t really give it enough attention. Some people are lactose intolerant too just like cats and adult cats are lactose intolerant to varying degrees." - PoC

• When things go wrong in the feline pancreas

3/18/2020  "The pancreas is basically a bag of enzymes and hormones. The potent compounds it releases function as key activators needed for life. Sickness results when the pancreas becomes overzealous or, alternatively, slacks off." - dvm360

• Pet Health: Holistic Approaches

3/16/2020  "Sharlene Mcinnes is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consultant and veterinary acupuncturist, based in Wellington, New Zealand. She specializes in the field of holistic animal wellness - utilizing a balance of nutritional supplements and dietary protocols, coupled with acupuncture. Animals are receptive, emotion and highly sensitive souls - and they exhibit heart-warming responses to responsibly administered, holistic treatments." - The Advocate

• The Healing Qualities of a Therapy Cat

2/13/2020  "A therapy cat may provide affection, comfort and companionship to patients, in nursing homes, retirement homes, schools, hospices and more. They may even be considered as part of a medical treatment plan for a patient, such as relieving loneliness and sometimes help with depression and anxiety." - The Savvy Pet Owner

• Cat With 'Rare' Form Of Dwarfism Will Stay Kitten-Sized Forever

3/11/2020  "Munchie is a seven-month-old cat who was taken into the Wolverhampton veterinary practice where his owner Emily Tomlinson works, back in September 2019." "We have only in the last couple of weeks discovered he has hypoparathyroidism after he collapsed on Boxing Day and spent four nights in the vets on intravenous fluid therapy." - LAD Bible

• Sugarland Animal Hospital accredited cat friendly - Hopefully other vets follow

3/10/2020  VIDEO: "A Bundaberg [Australia] veterinary hospital has taken extra steps to ensure cats and their owners feel comfortable and stress-free when visiting their clinic. Dr Michael Woodham from Sugarland Animal Hospital said by obtaining special accreditation as a Cat Friendly Clinic (CFC), he and his staff had been able to transform their building in Heidke Street to include a special area just for the furry felines." - BundabergNow

• Why it’s not a good idea to give your cat a saucer of milk

3/6/2020  "Cats may love milk, but very few of them can stomach it. That’s because most cats are lactose intolerant, and indulging in even a small amount of milk can cause vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain." - Chicago Tribune

• Japan now has diapers specially for cats

3/1/2020  "In a country where felines can own ID cards and there are real estate agencies dedicated to finding them comfortable homes, Japan is every cat’s dream. Now, the tireless pursuit towards satisfying the whim of the world’s felines has reached a whole new level as Unicharm — one of the country’s leading makers of masks, sanitary products and diapers — has unveiled a product that’s being billed as a Japan-first: diapers for cats." - SoraNews24

• Speaking of Pets: Here’s what to do if your cat is in pain

3/1/2020  "None of us likes to see our pets in pain: limping, listless, or crying out. But don’t just reach for the nearest medicine cabinet if you see your cat showing any of these signs: Many human medications can be harmful for cats." - Vail Daily

• Cat Food Mystery Foils Diet Study

2/28/2020  "A study that set out to measure how much wildlife domestic cats eat to supplement the food they are given by their owners was unsuccessful due to an unexpectedly high variability in cat food ingredients. This accidental discovery suggests that some cat food manufacturers regularly change ingredient composition, even within the same flavors of cat food." - NC State University

• What's in a pet food label?

Doug's note: I have not seen this video and web content. For all I know it could be more industry hype and self-promoting bs.

2/28/2020  "The Pet Food Institute (PFI), the national trade association representing U.S. dog and cat food makers, recently launched a new digital tool for pet lovers. The animated video and web content, titled “What’s in a Pet Food Label,” walks pet lovers through the information listed on a pet food label and what it means for pet nutrition." - PetFoodIndustry.com

• Why it’s not a good idea to give your cat a saucer of milk

2/26/2020  "Cats may love milk, but very few of them can stomach it. That’s because most cats are lactose intolerant, and indulging in even a small amount of milk can cause vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain." - The Mercury News

• Scientists Found Harmful 'Forever Chemicals' in Pet Cats and Dogs

2/5/2020  "PFAS are in everything from clothing to non-stick pans, and can harm humans and animals in high enough concentrations. Now, scientists have found them in pet cats and dogs." - Vice

• How to tell if your cat is sick

2/3/2020  "Cats aren't known to be nearly as dramatic when they are feeling sick though, so it is often not at all obvious that your feline friend is feeling sick. Of course there are the tell-tale signs: vomiting or diarrhea. Believe it or not, though, there are a bunch of not-so-obvious signals that your cat might be ill." - Pasadena Star-News

• Creating a DNA Map of Genetic Disorders in Cats

1/31/2020  "Humans and animals are made up of trillions of cells, and each cell contains DNA specific to that individual. Therefore, identifying DNA that causes genetic disorders gives researchers and clinicians a better understanding of how to treat inherited diseases and possibly prevent the diseases from being passed down to future generations." - Technology Networks

• The Pet Shop: Cats’ first visit to new vet a tale of two personalities

1/26/2020  "The vet. I hate it. The cats hate it. It’s just not fun.

It’s not the people. My vet is very nice, and all of the nurses are super helpful. It’s just the process. And this time I added to the headache by taking both Abbey and Apple to the vet — at the same time. All three of mine need to go, but getting Max in a carrier is a miracle of God. So corralling him along with the other two was not going to happen." - Greensboro News&Record

• Points for Pets: Several products available to prevent hairball problems

1/26/2020  "Hairballs can be a cause of regurgitation (undigested food) or vomiting in the cat. Hairballs can appear as hair with or without food. Occasionally a cat will attempt to vomit a hairball, but will be successful in only bringing up stomach secretions. We see cats on a weekly basis that have a problem with regurgitating their food." - WVNews

• Vector-borne causes of fever in cats demand year-round preventive therapy

1/9/2020  "Increased body temperature is the single-most commonly noted abnormal finding for the medical practitioner. While it may be a sign of something relatively innocuous, it can also be an indication of underlying critical illness." - PhysOrg

• Advances in pet health, welfare on horizon: Pet Connection

1/6/2020  "As we enter a new decade, we asked experts what they see as the best news for pets currently and what’s on the horizon. • For cat lovers, the big news is that a treatment is now available for feline infectious peritonitis, a viral disease that was once a death sentence." - GoErie.com

• The Best Way to Treat Dry Skin on Cats, According to Veterinarians

12/30/2019  "Just like humans, dry skin on cats is a common condition — especially when the weather turns cooler in the winter and we crank up the indoor heat." "So how do you know if your cat has dry skin, and what can you do about it? Consider these veterinarians’ tips for identifying and treating dry skin on cats." - GoodHousekeeping

• Pet Doc: Cat scratch fever

12/30/2019  VIDEO: “This is the name of the disease that people get from their cat. Cats do not get scratch fever, people get it. The most common but not the only way cats transmit the disease to people is through cat scratches, thus the name cat scratch fever." - NTV

• PetSmart® Shares Tips for Kicking Off a Healthy New Year with Your Pet

12/26/2019  "To kick the New Year off right, PetSmart's resident veterinarian and pet care expert, Dr. Jennifer Freeman, DVM, shares her top three tips for pet health and wellness in 2020" - Yahoo

• Two thirds of US cats have asymptomatic virus that could leave them open to more serious disease

12/23/2019  "Published this fall in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery open Reports, the study is the first large-scale research on the prevalence of FFV in the US and the first to suggest that the majority of the nation’s domestic cats have it. FFV is an asymptomatic, complex retrovirus that infects cats, apparently without causing disease. But the high prevalence of the virus has researchers concerned that it could leave cats more susceptible to other deadly bugs, such as feline leukemia virus. Possible transmission to the nation’s wildcat population is another concern." - AAHA


• Is your cat in pain? Its facial expression could hold a clue

11/14/2019  "They say that eyes are windows to the soul. Indeed, research suggests this might also be true for our four-legged friends. Since the days of our most celebrated natural historian, Charles Darwin, humans have been interested in how animals communicate via their facial expressions, and how different species might express themselves in similar ways." - The Conversation

• Prosthetic legs propel Vituzzo the ‘bionic cat’ to internet fame

12/17/2019  "Vituzzo — better known as Vito — had his rear legs amputated by doctors after getting hit by a car in Milan in December 2018. But they were able to replace them with prosthetic limbs, making him Italy’s first-ever bionic feline." - New York Post

• Cat Freckles: Why Kitties Get Them And What It Means

"Just like humans, cats can get freckles, too. As many of you all know, Marmalade has these noticeable spots on his little lips. You might also notice these eye-catching spots are often found on cats’ noses, too. So, what’s up with those cute freckles our cats are sporting? Well, let’s dive into a little science behind it so that you can learn all about them." - Cole and Marmalade

• Dr. Sonnya: Supplement can prevent, mitigate feline herpes

12/10/2019  "Feline herpes cannot be cured, but there is an easy way to prevent it — or minimize its effects. The amino acid L-lysine is a common supplement for humans, cats and dogs alike. It is present in your cat’s body, but in fairly small quantities. It is completely safe and natural; and, when added to your cat’s food, it protects and defends against feline herpes infections, also known as feline viral rhinotracheitis." - TheDailyWorld

• Arthritis Treatment Safe for Cats With Kidney Disease

11/21/2019  "Q: Emmy, my 12-year-old cat, has arthritis and chronic kidney disease. Her veterinarian recommended Onsior for her arthritic pain but warned that it could further damage her kidneys. I'm torn, because I want Emmy to be free of pain, but I don't want her therapy to cause additional problems. What's your advice?" - creators.com

• Hip dysplasia in cats is hereditary and more common in bigger individuals

11/20/2019  "Millions of cats in the world likely suffer from hip dysplasia, but this cat health problem has rarely been studied. In a newly published study with a focus on the "gentle giant" Maine Coon breed, SLU researchers conclude that the condition is heritable and is more common in large cats. The study also showed that the Swedish health program has been effective in reducing the incidence of hip dysplasia in the breed through selective breeding. The finding that larger cats are more likely to have hip dysplasia suggests breeding for the large body type carries with it the additional risk of hip dysplasia." - PhysOrg

• 11 important things veterinarians want every cat owner to know

11/15/2019  "Whether you're dreaming of adopting a cat or are already surrounded by a squad of feline friends, it's important to know that caring for kitties isn't always straightforward. Everything from a healthy diet to proper grooming contributes to keeping a cat happy, but there are some common misconceptions and dangerous habits that might thwart your best attempts to care for your pet. Insider consulted with veterinarians to spotlight some key things that every cat owner should know." - Insider

• All About Pets: Gut problems common in dogs and cats

11/13/2019  "Hippocrates, considered the father of medicine, said: Let food be thy medicine. Our pet’s ability to absorb the nutrients in their food is a crucial step in their overall health and wellness status. Sadly, gastrointestinal problems are pretty common reasons for veterinary visits of dogs and cats. In some cases, these pets have been regurgitating, vomiting or having loose stools for a while." - TheLedger

• Surprisingly common virus in domestic cats raises concerns

11/12/2019  "Roughly two-thirds of all domestic cats in the U.S. have a virus called feline foamy virus (FFV), according to a recent study ublished in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Open Reports. This study is both the first large-scale research on the prevalence of the virus in the U.S. and the first to suggest that it is present in the majority of the nation’s domestic cats." - ScienceLine

• Why do Siamese cats vomit so much?

11/12/2019  "It is a good question and there may be five possible health reasons why Siamese cats might vomit so much. However, before I go over the reasons I have to confess that the thought that Siamese cats vomit more than is usual for domestic cats is anecdotal as far as I know. I don’t know of any hard science which supports the statement. And domestic cats in general are very good vomiters so there may be a perfectly good reason why your Siamese cat is being sick which is unrelated to a serious health issue." - PoC


• Vets urge regular checkups for cat health

11/9/2019  "A Hong Kong-based Taiwanese veterinarian advised pet owners to take their cats for regular checkups to prevent the onset of heart disease,saying that the condition is difficult to detect and often causes death in cats. Lethargy is a sign of heart problems in animals, but cats tend to be less active by nature, making it more difficult to notice when they have a problem, veterinarian Yeh Shih-ping (葉士平) said." - Taipei Times 

• Deadly virus strikes shelter cats

11/6/2019  "The Park County Animal Shelter’s cat population is in quarantine. Manager Valerie Swensrund said the shelter began a three-week quarantine Monday due to a litter of kittens being brought in with the deadly disease of feline parvo. During the period none of the 73 cats in the shelter may leave and no cats may enter." - Cody Enterprise

• Understanding Dementia In Cats And What You Can Do To Help

11/4/2019  "As your favorite feline ages, you’ll start to notice specific changes in their behavior, personality, and health. For many cats, advanced age leads to a condition called cognitive dysfunction syndrome—also known as dementia." - Cole and Marmalade

• Cat scratches are very rarely a serious health problem but you have to be vigilant

11/4/2019  "Cat scratches can exceptionally rarely cause a serious illness by allowing Group A streptococci bacteria on the skin to enter the bloodstream. Countless millions of people, brilliant cat guardians to ailurophobes, have been scratched by domestic cats without anything to concern them except for slight discomfort and a bit of blood. I have always considered cat scratches as a passing minor hazard in caring for a cat." - PoC

• Are domestic cats in multi-cat households more stressed?

11/4/2019  "There is a 2013 study on this topic which concluded that domestic cats living in multi-cat homes are not more stressed because of their living arrangements. There may be some stressed cats in the group but the added stress is not in general caused by the fact that the cats are in a multi-cat home." - PoC

• Pet Doc: Fever in cats

11/4/2019  VIDEO: "Pet Dr. Dennis Larsen spoke with NTV's Tim Reith about fevers in the cat. Dr. Larsen said, "A cat’s normal body temperature is higher than yours and mine. The cat’s average normal body temperature is 101.5 but may vary from cat to cat as much as one degree higher or as much as two degrees lower and we still would consider the temperature to be within normal range. There is concern when the temperature rises above 103.5." - NTV

• The More You Learn about Cat Scratch Disease, the More Confusing It Gets

12/1/2019  "Cats are generally docile, but they can be unpredictable and occasionally bite or scratch people for no good reason. Numerous diseases can be transmitted this way from cats to humans. Infections following cat puncture wounds are relatively common, and up to 80 percent of cat bites become infected." - Emergency Medicine News

• Zoonoses: The Diseases Our Cats and Dogs Give Us

11/14/2019  "Some of the biggest public health crises of the last few years can be traced back to animals. HIV got its start as a virus in monkeys, and Ebola probably jumped to humans from other primates or fruit bats. And there’s no points for guessing the animals from which we got bird flu and swine flu. But animal-borne diseases can start a lot closer to home. In fact, there are a number we can pick up from our dogs and cats." - Discover

• Fascinating Infographic Shows The Ways That A Cat’s Purr Are Good For You

10/31/2019  "Do you find the sound of a cat purring oddly soothing? Many people assume the feeling is associated with the perceived contentment and wellbeing of the cat – but there’s actually more to it than that. Scientific evidence suggests that purring can be beneficial to the owner, as well as the kitty." - boredpanda

• A Better Way to Screen Cats for Heart Disease

10/17/2019   "Training local veterinarians to use ultrasound to screen cats for heart disease could lead to earlier detection, veterinary cardiologists at Cummings School find.  Cats are very good at hiding their health problems, a survival instinct from their wild ancestors, when showing weakness made them easier prey. One health problem they hide is heart disease, meaning it can progress to become life-threatening before it’s noticed" - TuftsNow

• East Texas vet seeing increase in feline pneumonia, shares what to watch for in your pets

10/28/2019  VIDEO: "If your cat is lethargic and sneezing, you might want to get him to the vet, because a Gilmer veterinarian says she is seeing several cases of cat pneumonia every day. Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital’s Cherie Nazzal hates to see sick kitties, so she does her best to help them heal. She’s seeing a lot of cats with pneumonia since it’s airborne and: “It’s very contagious, highly contagious; it could be indoor or outdoor cats,” Nazzal said." - KTRE9

• Integrative Pet Vet column: Fatty liver syndrome in cats

10/25/2019  "Cats can be affected by a variety of liver and gall bladder problems including inflammation, infections, cancer and metabolic and degenerative disorders. Fatty degeneration of the liver (hepatic lipidosis) is one of the most common liver disorders in cats. The cause of fatty liver syndrome is not completely understood, but it is more common in obese cats that stop eating. Rapid identification and aggressive therapy are critical." - PostIndependent


• Cat virus could be linked to feline cancer

10/25/2019  "Australian researchers believe a newly discovered feline virus might be the cause of liver cancer in cats, and that this link could lead to the development of new anti-cancer therapies. Identified last year by researchers at the University of Sydney, domestic cat hepadnavirus (DCH) has since been found in certain types of hepatitis and liver cancer in cats, suggesting it might be the cause of the diseases." - Veterinary Practice News

• Cats continue to gain weight till maturity

10/14/2019   "As cats move from kitten phase to maturity, they tend to put on weight until they are eight years old on an average, a study found. According to the team of researchers, until now, pet owners and veterinarians didn’t know for sure. Now University of Guelph researchers has become the first to access data on more than 19 million cats to get a picture of typical weight gain and loss over their lifetimes." - The Free Press Journal

• Dogs VS Cats: Health Issues Edition

10/22/2019  "We welcome you to the first edition of the Dogs VS Cats series where we compare and contrast various features between the two species of our beloved furry friends. In this edition, we will look at some health issues commonly seen in both dogs and cats to determine which is at higher risk. We created a health assessment survey that provides us insights on how common these health issues are, and collected data from more than 2,600 dogs and cats. We shall see who will win this first round!" - NomNomNow

• How much do domestic cats drink?

10/22/2019  "People ask how much do cats drink? I am confining this discussion to domestic cats but obviously the amount that cats drink depends upon the species of cat. With respect to domestic cats the amount that they drink also varies depending upon their circumstances so you’ll have to read this post to get the answer. There is no instant answer as it is too complicated." - PoC

• This is why your aching joints could be a sign of a disease your cat has given you

10/18/2019  "Getting the odd scratch from your pet is something every cat owner is used to, but do you know the risks that these scratches can carry? In some cases, your feline pet giving you a scratch or bite can have greater consequences than a mild itch, and this is due to a disease carried by around half of cats at some point in their life." - TheScarboroughNews

• What Can I Catch from my Cat? - Feline Zoonoses

10/15/2019   "Zoonotic diseases (zoonoses) are illnesses that sometimes develop after being exposed to infectious organisms that are passed between animals and people. Some bacteria, viruses, parasites, prions (misfolded proteins), and fungi can be zoonotic and make people sick. There are many precautions that you can take to minimize the risk of exposure to zoonotic organisms. It is important to note that a cat can be carrying one of these organisms but not show any visible signs of sickness." - CatVets.com

• Animal Doctor: Rescued kitten has appetite for strange things

10/15/2019   "She eats everything in sight, except for food — no people food, and not much canned cat food. She has eaten holes in my underwear, nightgown, socks, sweatshirts, bedspread, toilet paper, regular paper and cardboard." - TulsaWorld

• 13 important things veterinarians wish all pet owners knew

10/14/2019   "Pets can feel like furry family members, so it's natural to want to keep them happy and healthy. That said, there are a few bits of information about pet care that experts wish was more widely known.  Here are some important things all pet owners should know, according to veterinarians." - Insider

• How Often Should You Bathe Your Cat?

10/06/2019   "Should you bathe your cat? Truthfully, very few cats actually need to be bathed. Truthfully, Emma, we cats are really good self-groomers. We spend up to 50 percent of our time keeping ourselves clean. Our incisors (which Mama calls “our little nibble-teeth”) were perfectly designed to pluck messes and occasional fleas out of our fur. We clean our fur with our tongues and by wetting our front paws and wiping them across places we can’t reach with our tongues." - Paws and Effect

• Tips for keeping your pet well during National Pet Wellness Month and all year long

10/01/2019   “Pet owners know all too well that keeping their animals healthy is a full-time job. With the month of October designated as National Pet Wellness Month, there is an additional focus on that mission, but the idea behind the program is that keeping your pet healthy in all facets of its life should never stop." - SBG-TV

• Pet Health Tips for an On-the-Go Lifestyle

09/29/2019   "People who lead busy lives often seek convenient and healthy choices when it comes to taking care of their own well-being. For pet parents, a little creativity can make it easy to deliver the same level of care for their beloved pets, even when the pace of life accelerates." - Browning Herald

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