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A sensitive subject, but it reveals that there is more to caring for cats than just the obvious

This story is about protecting our cats against the unthinkable. It has to do with the correlation between animal abuse and spousal and child abuse. I hope all of you choose to read this important revelation. - Doug

"Concerned for cat, reader"

11/3/2019  "Dear Readers: A great many of you wrote in expressing concern for Whiskers and her owner. Your letters bring up a number of insightful points about the correlation between animal abuse and spousal and child abuse. All of you warned that Tom's behavior should serve as a red flag that he could end up abusing his wife or their future children. I agree with all of you that, for everyone's safety, she must leave with Whiskers, and Tom can seek therapy on his own. Here are just some of your letters..." -


When Is It Too Cold for Cats to Go Outside?

1/2/2020  "Cats might have thick, fluffy coats, but that can’t fully protect them when the temperatures start to drop. Most people keep their cat indoors all year round, but for those that let their cat outside to explore you’re going to want to keep an eye on the temperature during the winter to make sure it’s safe for them to be outdoors." - Reader's Digest


10 Ways to Save Stray Cats in Winter

12/4/2019  "Winter is here! For many of our cat-loving readers, winter is a time when your cat is turning into a heat-seeking missile aimed at snuggling on your lap. But spare the thought of those less fortunate felines who are feral or stray, and lack the comfort during the harsh winter weather. Homeless cats are still out there on the streets no matter how many rescue teams there are." - Maine Coon Cat


  • Give Shelter
  • Make the Right Bedding
  • Install a Cat Door
  • Prepare a Feeding Station
  • Provide Water
  • Provide the Right Cat Food
  • Invite Neighbors to do the Same
  • Pay Attention to Your Environment
  • Make a Routine for Stray Cats
  • Try to Raise Fund From Neighborhood


If you think it’s cold, they do too: Tips for helping your pet weather the winter months

12/28/2019  "There are plenty of people who find no joy in having to face the changing and often challenging weather conditions during the winter months in Nebraska. The same could be said for those individuals’ pets." - The North Platte Telegraph


Promoting Risk: This story stinks of industry spin worse than onions and garlic

Should you not have seen it, here’s an industry story I want to bring to your attention. I ask… is it worth the risk?

The following story at caught my eye, and I believe it stinks worse than onions and garlic. The story titled “Onions and garlic offer flavor in the right amounts” puts an industry spin on subject potentially deadly for cats (and maybe for dogs as well). The subtitle is “These herbs have been associated with a number of health benefits for humans and pets, but only at small levels for dogs or cats.”

It is only when their spin machine is in full cycle that the article tells the truth. Four paragraphs into the story the authors finally say… “onions and/or garlic can lead to anemia and ultimately death".

All the evidence I have ever read states that garlic and onions (as well as shallots, leeks, chives, and Chinese onions) can be INCREDIBLY TOXIC to cats and can lead to anemia, organ damage and/or failure, and even death.And unbelievable as it may seem, these are ingredients in cat foods produced today!

I think is prostituting itself in spinning such a story. When does a pet food manufacturer cross the line and add too much of a bad ingredient to their product? When it comes to my pet’s health and life, why would I want to take any risk at all - no matter the percentage of risk?

Spinning for pet food manufacturers is a poor use of's time.

You can read their story here, but you may need to be a PFI member before you can access it.


Cats & Wildlife - FEARMONGERING -Don't Blame Cats

1/10/2020  It’s not fair to point paws at cats as killers of wildlife: Marsha Labarca. "The point I am making is that if you want to see who is causing the death of millions of wild animals or causing them to be threatened or endangered, just look in the mirror -- it's human beings." -

Emotional support animals: What are cats and dogs doing in the dorms?

[Doug's Note: This goes under the category of having a cat for the wrong reasons. So let me get this straight... Because of this young woman's psychological/emotional problems, her cat has to live a life stuck in a dorm room for the next four years? Is there anyone on this campus who can see this situation from the cat's point of view?]

2/9/2020  "Grace Dice’s domestic Siamese short-hair, Jill, is a licensed emotional support animal. Dice said she needed her cat after a traumatic incident in high school." - TheCollegian

End the practice of killing dogs and cats

1/26/2020  "As a scientist who was deeply involved with animal research for over 35 years, I am ethically troubled to learn that tens of thousands of dogs and cats used in experiments are being unnecessarily euthanized instead of being offered to shelters for adoption." - Santa Fe New Mexican

Humane Pet Act long-overdue step toward compassion for cats and dogs

1/24/2020  "When I popped onto the Colorado General Assembly’s website a few days ago, I noted one of the three most accessed bills highlighted on the page included “Requirements for Dog and Cat Breeders and Sellers” or, more lyrically, the Humane Pet Act." - Montrose Press

Want to Gift Someone a Pet? Here’s What to Do First


12/16/2019  "Every so often, I see a rom-com with a hokey gift-giving scene. An actor giggles in delight as the surprise gift of a puppy plants wet kisses on them. Though this cliché pulls at my heartstrings every time, in the real world, gifting a pet to a friend, lover, or family member can be a bad idea." - The New York Times

16 questions about flying with your pet in the U.S., answered


12/13/2019  "If you thought it was complicated to fly with your pet, you’re right. Just like traveling with family members, it can be stressful and confusing to coordinate your flights together. For our furry friends, getting in the air is not as simple as buying a ticket and showing up to the airport, even if you’re only traveling within the country. There can be certificates to obtain, medicine to be prescribed and fees to pay." - The Washington Post

Petition: Make It Illegal to Kill and Eat Pets in Canada


12/5/2019  "It became illegal in the United Sates in late 2018 to slaughter and eat dogs and cats. And yes, it did happen while it was legal. In Canada, it's still legal for dogs and cats to be eaten as long as the meat is inspected." "SIGN THIS PETITION CALL FOR DOG AND CAT MEAT CONSUMPTION TO BE ILLEGAL IN CANADA." - OneGreenPlanet

How do you stop 'things getting out of control' at cat hoarding situations?


12/4/2019  "Hoarders often say it, ‘things got out of control’. They are also the words of a man, Ryan Ross, who has found himself in trouble with the law because he had more than 100 cats at a home in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, USA. He did not live at the house. Ross inferred in conversations with law enforcement that he took in some cats but did not have them spayed and neutered (‘fixed’) so they bred. This is the root cause of the problems he created for himself. - PoC

Your essential oil diffuser could be poisoning your cat or dog


11/23/2019  "There’s a current story doing the rounds that acts as a genuine word of caution. One woman called Marianna told a story about her own dog, who was acting strangely and unresponsive to his own name. When she turned off her essential oil diffuser, however, her dog got better. Marianna didn’t realise the connection until another day when the pup had to be taken to the vet, where they told her just how common these issues are." - METRO

10 Mistakes All Cat Owners Should Stop Making


11/15/2019  "Even the most experienced cat owners sometimes make serious mistakes while caring for their pets. In addition, the animals have to endure discomfort because of this and, as a result, our pets might start behaving badly. Bright Side wants to share the 10 most common mistakes we make while caring for cats and hopes that this article will help you resolve any issues and avoid making these mistakes in the future." - Brightside

MSPCA’s Annual Catsgiving Aims To Bring Food To Outdoor Felines


11/15/2019  "Friday marked the start of Catsgiving, an annual event run by the MSPCA-Angell.  It’s meant to help feral or outdoors cats survive the long and cold winter.  “Probably hundreds of cats who are domestic cats, just like the cats inside our homes, are eking out a living outside in Boston’s alleyways and underneath sheds,” MSPCA spokesman Rob Halpin said.  Food is hard to come by for these cats, especially went it gets cold." - Kiss108

A laser-sighted toxic goo gun is killing feral cats in Australia


11/15/2019  "A device that kills feral cats by spraying them with a lethal gel that they lick off while cleaning themselves is being trialled as a way to save endangered Australian wildlife. Since their introduction to Australia in the 18th century, cats have severely harmed the local ecosystem by preying on native birds and small mammals." - NewScientist

A lot of Solid Information here applies to both Dogs & Cats


11/4/2019  This article, written by CFI's very own Facebook group Admin, Carolyn North, is titled "What Every Dog Owner Must know about the Pet Food Industry." I include it here as news important to cat-parents/guardians as well. Keep in mind, however, that cats are obligate carnivores and require different diets than dogs. When Carol is describing food ingredients for dogs, the same does not apply to cats. Other than that, you'll get a real pet-education by reading this article. It's published in a blog site called "The Savvy Pet Owner"

THIS IS THE KIND OF STUPID THINKING GOING ON OUT THERE: Blaming the feral population on house cats


10/30/2019   "Grants Pass (Oregon) Considers 'Kitty Cap' On Household Pets." "Grants Pass city councilors are trying to tackle a feral cat problem. The possible solution? Placing a limit on the number of cats a household could have within city limits. Councilors say there are tens of thousands of feral cats in and around the city, so they’re considering a “kitty cap” ordinance. The hope is that fewer family cats running around town would result in fewer ferals." -  Jefferson Public Radio

Local Law Requires $15 Licensing Fee PER CAT


11/27/2019  "The Litter of the Law - Using estimates from the American Veterinary Medical Association (based on population), there are around 30,000 pet cats in Madison. But only slightly more than 1,000 feline friends — a little over 3 percent — are in compliance with city law, which requires owners pay an annual $15 licensing fee per cat ($20 if it isn’t spayed or neutered). - Isthmus

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