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Community / Feral Cats


Protect Ferals with a Ready-Made Outdoor Heated Kitty House

Whether deemed feral or stray, abandoned or free roaming, community cats deserve our care, support and respect - just as any other cat does. They are not responsible for their misfortune of being homeless. Please help them if you can.


Outdoor Heated House

This is made with 600 denier nylon with a vinyl backing that makes this water-resistant. This house comes with and accommodates a Kitty Lectro-Soft. The roof hangs over the 2 doors to keep cats warm, safe and dry. Easy to assemble with fuzzy fastener-style walls and a zippered roof.  Chewy


Extra-Wide Outdoor Heated House

The K&H Pet Products Extra-Wide Outdoor Heated Kitty House provides a safe, heated shelter for outdoor cats. This extra-wide house is large enough to accommodate several cats at once, so it's great for multiple-cat households. There are two exits with removable door flaps for easy entry and to avoid the risk of being trapped by predators.  Chewy

Indonesian Housewife Tackles Homelessness for 250 Feral Cats


12/23/2019  "On the outskirts of suburban Jakarta, housewife Dita Agusta lives with more than 250 cats she has taken in off the streets, creating a shelter for the animals she hopes will one day be adopted." - Reuters

Couple using coolers to reduce feral cat population


11/15/2019  VIDEO: "A couple in Sneads Ferry is doing their part to reduce the feral cat population, and they are asking for community members to help. Stacy and Justin Pettit are making homemade shelters for the cats and placing them around Sneads Ferry. The Pettits catch the feral cats and take them to the vet to spay, neuter and vaccinate them." -  WCTI12

Cat House on the Kings


"Since its founding 27 years ago, The Cat House on the Kings has saved over 30,000 cats and 7,100 dogs (not counting the 56,000 animals they have spayed and neutered!) and currently cares for more than 700 cats and kittens, a dozen or so dogs and dozens of peacocks." - Cat House on the Kings

More Community / Feral Cats News Stories

• Got mice? Hire a cat through Lafayette’s working cat program

2/11/2020  "A program by the Lafayette Consolidated Government seeks to relocate sterilized, vaccinated and unsocialized cats who would otherwise have been euthanized at the shelter and place them with employers who have problems with rats." -

• Learn How To Humanely Manage Feral Cat Colonies

1/25/2020  "New Yorkers can gain the knowledge and skills needed to help the feral and stray community cats in their area at a free Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) certification workshop hosted by Bideawee, one of the country’s oldest and most respected animal welfare and pet adoption organizations." - Patch

• Program aims to help solve feral cat problems

1/24/2020  "A cat isn’t just a cat — it’s a responsibility. And with wild cats becoming more and more of a problem in local communities, animal activists are working harder than ever to meet the problem head-on in a humane and effective way." - Rome Sentinel

• Cat enthusiast speaks out about “feline disposability”

1/24/2020  "If the SPCA develops a social and educational role that teaches kindness and compassion towards vulnerable animals, a really good place to start is with cats, especially the stray and feral felines. God knows it’s much needed. Over the last four decades, I, always a cat enthusiast, have observed callous disregard, and sometimes even contempt, exhibited by individual people and the collective community toward these often suffering sentient beings." - North Thompson Star/Jornal

• Opinion: U.S. cities are overrun with feral cats, and magical thinking isn’t the solution

12/22/2019  "The alleys, parks and vacant lots of this country are alive with so many stray and feral cats that we don’t even know the precise number. Thirty-two million, says one estimate; triple that, another. The felines are the offspring of pets we didn’t bother to “fix,” the animals we adopted then dumped or left behind." - Los Angeles Times

• Community Cats Need Attention in Cold, Snowy Conditions

12/19/2019  "Are there cats in your neighborhood? Have you noticed new or unowned cats outside? Do you feed or care for cats who are living outside? Do you see a cat in need? The cats you are seeing are community cats. They are cats that live outdoors – sometimes called feral cats, alley cats, street cats, Tomcats, strays, or outdoor cats." - Charlestown Patriot-Bridge

• Coolers Turned Into Cat Shelters

12/18/2019  VIDEO:  "A group of neighbors in Illinois decided to convert old coolers into homes for feral cats. They also dipped into their savings and retirement funds to take the cats to the vet and help find them loving homes. Gayle Magnuson said they've found homes for 30 cats in the past few months." -

• Here's how to help feral cats survive the winter

12/18/2019  "There is nothing in the wild that protects feral cats from the harsh realities of winter. They don't hibernate or store food for the winter. As domesticated animals, they are utterly dependent on humans to survive. If you're seeing feral cats in the spring, it's because some kind soul was quietly taking care of them, providing them with food, water and, most importantly, shelter from the cold." - Newsday

• Feral cat colony seemingly vanished

12/15/2019  "A concerned citizen recently reached out to Parsippany Focusafter a feral cat colony she was feeding seemingly vanished. While the colony is no longer evident at the location where they previously had been, reaching out to Parsippany Animal Control resulted in a statement being made by the Parsippany Police.  Essentially, it reiterates the town’s spring 2019 ordinance permitting trap, neuter and release (TNR), while operating within certain guidelines." -  ParsippanyFocus

• A Feral Cats Success Story - Working for a Living

12/13/2019  "Metro East Sanitary District hired dozens of “employees” earlier this year, all eager and hungry to take care of rodent problems. “We have found them jobs, working and keeping down the rodent population plaguing the levee system,” MESD Director Stephen Adler said.  Six months ago, MESD adopted dozens of feral cats from Metro East Humane Society’s Working Cat Program to help with its infestation of moles, voles and other burrowing animals along its levee system." -

• Feral cats need love and care too

12/6/2019  "Imagine living in a world where you never know where you next meal will come from, or where you will find shelter from the elements. Imagine being sick and there is no one to help, or your water source comes from a dirty mud puddle. Imagine being ready to give birth and having to find a safe place to have your babies. This is the life of a feral cat." - TheCounty

• In defense of cats being outdoors

12/1/2019  "As a student of environmental science, I agree with Mr. Connell [George Connell: “Please keep cats indoors”] that the decline in native bird populations is heartbreaking. I disagree that keeping cats indoors is a viable and just solution. I claim this because bird population decline cannot be pinned solely on cat-related deaths, and cats deserve to explore the outdoors." - Greenfield Recorder

• Cats are major killers and it is illegal to let them roam, researchers say

11/27/2019  "People who allow their cats to roam outdoors are actually breaking European rules on nature protection, Trouw reported on Wednesday. A paper by Tilburg university environmental law professors Arie Trouwborst and Han Somsen in the Journal of Environmental Law argues that the domestic cat (Felix Catus) is posing a serious threat to some 370 species in the Netherlands. Under the European Bird and Habitat Directives countries have a legal obligation to protect wildlife, so allowing cats to roam and kill is illegal, the researchers say."

• If your cat goes outside it could be violating European law

11/27/2019  "Letting cats roam freely outdoors should be forbidden due to their negative impact on birds and other wildlife, an article in the Journal for Environmental Law published on Wednesday argues. Over the last fifteen years, scientific studies have highlighted that cats are one of the most environmentally damaging predators on Earth. Blah, Blah, Blah - The Brussels Times

• If You Live in the EU: Here's the 'official' basis for an Attack on Your Cats - FIGHT AGAINST IT!

11/27/2019  "Free-ranging domestic cats (Felis catus) impact biodiversity through predation, disturbance, competition, disease and hybridisation.Scientific knowledge regarding these impacts has recently increased. This article interprets the European Union (EU) Birds and Habitats Directives (Nature Directives) in light of this knowledge. The outcome indicates that various obligations in the Directives, particularly concerning Natura 2000 sites and the generic protection of birds and other species, have significant implications for the management of free-ranging domestic cats. Regarding (unowned) stray and feral cats, these must be removed or controlled when they pose a threat to protected species and/or sites. Regarding (owned) pet and farm cats, the Nature Directives require EU Member States to ensure that letting cats roam free outdoors is forbidden and effectively prevented." - Journal of Environmental Law

• Here's a load of BS: Fort Collins code outlaws outdoor cats, experts say at-large cats unsafe

11/18/2019  "Looking around neighborhoods in Fort Collins, you might notice some furry rule-breakers: outdoor cats. While outdoor cats seem like part of life for many, the city's municipal code outlaws cats, along with all other pets, from roaming unrestrained. But it's a bit more complicated than that. While outdoor cats are illegal within city limits, the Larimer County code does allow for cats to roam freely. "You have so many more people ... so many more dangers animals can face in the actual city versus unincorporated Larimer County," said Tylor Starr, spokesperson for the Larimer Humane Society." - Coloradoan

Cat Nip

• Catnip: What do we know about the feline drug?

1/22/2020  "The internet is rife with funny cat videos showing their reactions to a plant commonly known as "catnip." What is catnip, does it affect all felines, is it safe for cats, and should humans use it? This Special Feature investigates these questions and more." - MedicalNewsToday

• Is It Unethical to Give Your Cat Catnip?

12/20/2018  "Whether they've been naughty or nice matters not, as the more than US$1 billion pet toy industry has everything from the whimsical to practical to keep Fluffy and Spot occupied and caretakers entertained. Many of the go-to items for cats contains catnip. This herb, which goes by the botanical name of Nepeta cataria, induces changes in cat behavior. In my view, it's worth considering whether giving a mood-altering substance to a pet is ethical." - LiveScience

• Does Catnip Really Make Cats 'High'?

11/13/2019  "They may look blissful and euphoric, but what's really happening?  Offer a pinch of catnip or a catnip-filled toy to your pet feline, and her response might be dramatic ... and silly. She may roll on her back, dart wildly around, drool, lick the catnip and rub it on her face and body, or flop over and lie there purring.  Her actions seem goofy and comical, and somewhat resemble the uncoordinated and gleeful behavior of someone who's had a little too much to drink or is pleasantly under the influence of recreational drugs. But is that what's happening here?" - LiveScience

• Get Your Cat High: Here are 3 Awesome Truths About Catnip

11/13/2019  "Well, I’ve been giving Haze some catnip time about a month and she is definitely happy about it. I only give her 3 to 5 minutes catnip time per week ‘cause I don’t want her to overdose. However, in this article, we will discuss how much time our cat needs catnip and if you have a catnip experience with your cat, please tell us " - Maine Coon Cat

• Catnip Guide for Cat-Owning Customers

10/23/2019  "Catnip is a herb belonging to the mint family. It is sometimes known as catmint or catswort and native to parts of Europe, China and the Middle East. Today it also grows in North America, Northern Europe and New Zealand. Catnip can act as a hallucinogenic for roughly seven out of 10 cats." - Pet Age

• What Is Catnip and How Does It Affect Your Cat?

10/17/2019  VIDEO:   "Catnip is a plant—known scientifically as Nepeta cataria—that is a member of the mint family. The active ingredient is called nepetalactone, which many domestic cats respond to in a variety of different ways. (Fun fact: It affects big cats like lions and tigers as well.) The plant produces this chemical (nepetalactone) in microscopic bulbs that coat its leaves, stems, and seedpods. When these fragile bulbs rupture, they release the nepetalactone into the air,.. - Yahoo

Pet Insurance

• More buying pet insurance for dogs and cats as vet fees climb

12/23/2019  "When a pet owner realised that her toy poodle was very active and had a tendency to dash across the road, she decided to get it insured.

“I saw the temperament of the dog and how it could get into an accident,” the 49-year-old, who only wanted to be known as Ms Lim, told CNA." - CNA

• Do you need pet insurance?

"As veterinary medicine becomes more technologically advanced, the cost of care increases because of the higher costs associated with the equipment, facilities and training required to provide these higher-quality services. Pet insurance can help by offsetting some or most of the costs of diagnosing, treating and managing your pet's illness or injury." - American Veterinary Medical Association

• Yes, I have health coverage for my six dependents — 4 cats and 2 dogs

11/24/2019  "Most pet owners think of their animals as family members and put considerable value on their health and well-being. But should they buy pet insurance? It’s an ongoing debate that often pits numbers against emotions. “People must have pet insurance,” says Betsy Arthur, a veterinary surgeon with a Maryland practice. “People who can’t afford insurance are left without options, and heartbreaking decisions . . . especially when the problems are serious but fixable." - The Washington Post

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