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Obesity - Weight Loss


Articles from Current News Publications - Obesity

• Read NomNomNow's advice about 'The Right Weight Loss Diet for Your Cat

This is an Important Message:  "Depending on the size and breed of a cat, each one has a specific weight requirement that is best for a long, healthy life.Much like people, cats have different personalities when it comes to food, and some cats may seem eager to overeat. When cats are “free fed,” meaning they are given unrestricted access to a bowl of food at all times, excess pounds may arise quickly. While “food is love” is a nice sentiment, a better sentiment is making sure every cat has the right diet to sustain a long and healthy life. For pet parents with overweight or obese cats, finding the right diet is paramount." - Read More Here! - Be sure to scroll down the page.


Ask the Vet: How can I get my cat to lose some weight?

2/10/2020  "Cats can easily become overweight, especially if they live mostly indoors and aren’t active. The average cat should weigh between 9 and 11 pounds, and you should be able to feel a couple of bony points on his back or over his hips. If your cat is a typical domestic shorthair and is over that 11-pound mark and a little soft or squishy, as I like to say, he could probably lose some weight." - Charleston Gazette-Mail

• Obese tabby cat Bazooka who tips the scales at a whopping 35LBS...

1/16/2020  "A 35-pound orange tabby cat is embarking on a weight loss journey after arriving at a North Carolina shelter this week.  The five-year-old feline, aptly named Bazooka, has started the next chapter of his life at the Wake County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty, where it took two people to carry him into the shelter in his crate." - Daily Mail

• Does Your Cat Need to Shed Some Pounds? Here's How to Help it Lose Weight

1/6/2020  "Obese cats are at least 20% heavier than their optimal weights, per International Cat Care. Studies show that 59% of cats in the United States are overweight or obese." - ClickOnDetroit

• Cinder-Block is the reluctant poster cat for a pet obesity epidemic, vets say

11/3/2019  VIDEO: "The video of Cinder-Block the obese cat went viral last weekend, a few days after her veterinarian posted it to Facebook: Sitting still at the edge of an underwater treadmill, the 22-pound feline moves one wet gray paw with the belt and meows plaintively to an off-screen vet tech encouraging her feeble workout. Cinder-Block’s instant fan base had a word for her: relatable." -

• Famous overweight cat fights to lose weight

12/4/2019  "She weighs almost twice as much as a healthy cat should. And it's made her famous.  This is Cinderblock. And a few months ago she went viral for something a lot of humans can relate to - refusing to exercise. “I think it’s gone straight to her head. I mean, honestly, she demands like five times more brushing than she used to. It’s wild,” said Jason. He had no idea it would go viral." - 8KPAX

• UK’s ‘fattest cat’, weighing over 9kg, goes on a diet

11/21/2019  "An adorable black-and-while tubby tabby dubbed Britain’s fattest cat has been put on a strict diet after she shocked rescue staff with her unusual weight. The four-year-old Paisley weighs in at a whopping 9.5kg, double the weight of a healthy cat." - TodayOnline

• Yes, house cats are getting fatter — and it's all your fault

11/19/2019  "A fat cat named Cinderblock on an aspirational mission to slim down has become a darling of the internet, but felines everywhere should likely be joining her in the battle against the bulge. "Yes, cats are getting fatter," said Kären Marsden, owner of Edmonton Holistic Veterinary Clinic. "They are, unfortunately. They're very, very well fed." - CBC

• Fat cats: how to get a lazy, obese feline into perfect shape

11/13/2019  "When the morbidly obese cat Cinderblock embarked on a weight loss journey two weeks ago, her one-paw-on-the-treadmill efforts to get trim went viral. Since the launch of her Cinder Gets Fit YouTube channel he has gained 16,000 subscribers and dropped 0.2lb, thanks to her strict diet and exercise regimen. Pet obesity is a growing concern among vets in the UK and is linked to health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and heart disease. "- The Guardian

• British dogs, cats becoming more obese, survey says

11/13/2019  "The number of obese pet dogs and cats in Britain has increased to the point that some veterinarians now need specialized equipment to hoist them onto the exam table, a new survey says. Pet insurance provider Direct Line said British veterinarians have told the owners of 1.7 million dogs and 1 million cats over the past year their pet is overweight." - UPI

• Rise in Number of Obese Cats and Dogs Forcing Vets to Install Heavy Lifting Equipment

11/13/2019  "The rise in the number of obese pet cats and dogs in the UK is forcing vets to use heavy lifting equipment to avoid injury, figures show. A survey of 2,100 pet owners and vets, conducted by Direct Line pet insurance, has revealed that more than 1.7m dog owners and one million cat owners have been told that their pets are overweight by vets in the past year. This suggests that 12 per cent of pets are too fat, a figure which has risen from eight per cent two years ago." - Independent

• No fat cats

11/12/2019  "Is your cat a little on the “heavy” side? Would Kitty be a good candidate for winning the “Fattest Cat Contest”?  Not only would it hurt Kitty’s feelings, it’s just plain unhealthy to be a fat feline. The pressure and stress of Kitty’s extra weight on her bones, muscles and internal organs could actually shorten her life span." - TheCounty

• Animal obesity crisis looms as new research reveals 2.7 mil cats and dogs in the UK are overweight

11/12/2019  "Do you have to drag your dog around the park rather than walk it? When your cat sees a mouse, does it turn over and go back to sleep? If so you may be one of the millions of pet owners contributing to an animal obesity crisis. Over the past year a million cat owners and 1.7million with dogs have been warned by vets that their pet is overweight, researchers revealed yesterday." - Daily Mail


• Obesity can have severe effects on cats

11/2/2019  "Obesity in cats is an epidemic in America. It is the most common preventable disease in cats with 30% to 35% of the feline population being obese. Half of cats aged 5 to 11 are over their ideal weight. Obesity is defined as an accumulation of excess body fat. Felines are classified as overweight when they are 10% to 20% over their ideal body weight. They are considered obese when they are more than 20% above their ideal weight." - The Daily World

• How can I get my fat cat to do more exercise?

10/19/2019  "Dear Pete, I keep my two-year-old cat indoors all the time, but she’s getting fat and I worry that she isn’t getting enough exercise. I have an indoor cat gym but she just lies around on it, and she barely gets out of breath when I use toys to play with her. How can I get her to burn up more calories?" - The Telegraph

• Poor portion control adds to obesity crisis

10/11/2019   "As well as ensuring their pets are following a healthy diet full of nutritious foods, pet owners should also carefully monitor the food intake of their pets by paying close attention to portion sizes in order to avoid overfeeding, which is one of the biggest contributing factors to obesity." - Pet Business World

• Paunchy Pet? Trade the High-Calorie Treats

10/06/2019   VIDEO: "It’s no secret the American palate loves rich, calorically dense treats. Unfortunately, our pets love them as well. October is Pet Obesity Awareness Month, and while it’s often an uncomfortable topic, fact remains that over half of America’s pet dogs and cats are overweight or obese. What’s more, nearly all of their owners incorrectly identify their pet's body condition as “normal.” - NBC6

• How to combat that fat on the cat

10/05/2019   "Fat cats may be funny in cartoons but in real life the growing number of overweight or obese cats is no laughing matter... Fat felines are more prone to diabetes, liver disease, lameness and chronic skin conditions. Dental disease, and urinary tract issues are more common and obese cats are at risk if they require anesthesia or surgery. Their immune function is decreased, their mobility may be poor, and they have decreased exercise and heat tolerance." - 6NewsOnYourSide

• How to tell if your cat is overweight

09/30/2019  "Is a little extra weight detrimental to your cat's wellbeing? One way to gauge excessive cat-chub is to look for a waist. I'm not joking." Read more here - Mic

• Half of America's cats are overweight or obese

09/29/2019   "America has a fat cat epidemic. And it's not just the especially "chunky' 26*pound big boy BeeJay, who made headlines when he went up for adoption at a Philadelphia shelter..." - FOX NEWS


• Owner ponders how two of her cats became diabetic

2/8/2020  "Almost two years ago I found out my cat Blackjack had diabetes. I figured it was an age thing. He was 17 at the time. But now another one of my cats was recently received a diagnosis of diabetes. Church is 10 and had been in great health until a couple of months ago. He had been losing weight so I took him to a veterinarian for a checkup." -

• Ask the Vet - Warning Signs of Diabetes in Cats

11/25/2019  "The warning signs of diabetes should be taken seriously, as diabetes is a complex condition that may lead to blindness if left untreated. Diabetes may manifest though a wide range of symptoms starting from increased urination and thirst to lethargy. Check with a qualified veterinarian if you notice one or several of these diabetes symptoms." - MacauDailyTimes

• What are the signs of diabetes in a cat?

10/14/2019   "In an era in the United States when up to 50% of domestic cats are said to be obese, it is appropriate to discuss the signs of Type 2 diabetes in domestic cats because obesity is a predisposing factor for all cats and Burmese cats may have a genetic predisposition. Male cats have twice the risk of females and at greatest risk are neutered male cats over 10 years of age and over 15 pounds in weight." - PoC

• Is your cat diabetic? If so, this new study will pay for their treatments

11/25/2019  VIDEO: "If your cat has diabetes, there’s a new potential medicine that could be a game changer for your furry friend. “If we can just get enough cats in the study, that is what we are here for to let the public know. We need your animal in the study if they are diabetic,” said Dr. Kathy Vaughn with the Northside Pet Clinic in Jackson.  A new study is currently in the works to bring a new diabetic medication to shelves aiming to offer an easier option for your cats needs." - WLBT

• Pet Talk: If monitored, diabetic cats can have happy, comfortable lives

11/29/2019  "November is Diabetes Awareness Month, a time that calls attention to the impact this disease has on millions of Americans and to the daily health choices we make. But while most associate diabetes with humans, many do not realize that our feline friends are also susceptible to the disease." - Denton Record-Chronicle

• A Moment of Paws: Diabetes in pets is on the rise

11/21/2019  "November is National Pet Diabetes Month so this is the perfect opportunity to address this disease that not only affects humans but also our pets.  Over the past few years, as I have walked through the three Animal Care and Adoption centers of the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL), I have noticed an uptick in the number of animals diagnosed with diabetes. But I am inspired by the following wonderful story." - Dorchester Reporter

• Joey: Caring For A Diabetic Cat

11/10/2019  "The signs of diabetes were there, such as weight loss, increased drinking and frequent urination.  I didn’t see the signs right away because he came to me malnourished and wanting to eat and drink as much as he could.  He was diagnosed a few weeks later after a blood test." - PetTraining

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