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This is the library where we keep the older news stories

2/21/20 - 2/29/20


• It's a Love Story: Social media reunites long-lost cat with her owners

2/29/2020  "" After four years of not knowing the whereabouts of their cat, Sookie, two sisters were reunited with their beloved pet after she was found by their landlords, who live nearby.

“It’s crazy,” Kara Von Gerichten said. “She’s alive and well.”- Cape Cod Times

• Surprising study suggests dogs and cats also get déjà vu

2/29/2020  "An owner-led study of dog and cat memory reveals the startling possibility that non-human animals may recollect past events years into the future, just like us." - Wamiz

• A story about cat food: From Pipi's Pasture: Winter feed for the animals

2/29/2020  "When I did the chores this morning it was -2 degrees, not as low as forecast but with a light wind blowing it was absolutely frigid. When I left the house for the corral I noticed that the cats weren’t in their usual morning place on the front porch, but I put out the cat food anyway." - Craig Daily Press

• Why do so many cats have white 'socks' on their paws?

2/29/2020  "If you see a house cat, the odds are high that it will have white paws, a look that many owners affectionately call "socks." But socks are rarely seen in wildcats, the elusive and undomesticated cousin of the house cat, so why do so many pet cats sport furry white feet?" - LiveScience

• DIY 'catio' lets cats hang out outside

2/28/2020  "A “catio” is a great way to give cats some outdoor time and space so that they can sleep in the sun, nibble on grass, stalk bugs or scratch on logs. Start by providing as much space as possible, both horizontal and vertical. Cats love to climb and perch up high, so consider a good-size structure, at least 6 feet by 6 feet, with perches at various heights. Walkways should hug the walls as well as cross the space diagonally so the cat can move around easily." - StarTribune

• Italian Woman Documents The Carefree Life Of Her Cat And It Kinda Makes You Jealous

2/27/2020  "Alessandra from Liguria, a beautiful region in Italy, has dedicated her Instagram to her cat and it was a very wise choice. Grisu, the adorable Kurilian Bobtail, is such a photogenic kitty, it's an absolute joy to look at his pictures. No wonder 62.9k people are following the account." - boredpanda

• Lost cat travels 2,300 miles, finds his way home with help of Clarksville Facebook group

2/25/2020  "" - Anne Shackelford was heartbroken when her beloved cat, Riley, went missing prior to her move from Clarksville, TN to Seattle, WA. Thanks to a group of animal advocates in the Clarksville community, after nearly a year apart, Shackelford was reunited with her fur baby earlier this month." -

• Cats and dogs can remember events that happened years ago and respond to memory prompts...

2/25/2020  "Cats and dogs can remember events that happened years ago and respond to memory prompts just like humans, a study has concluded. Researchers from Denmark surveyed cat and dog owners about the occasions on which their pets had shown signs of remembering a specific past event." -

• Do Cats Know Their Names?

2/25/2020  "Cats might be skilled in knowing how to always land on their feet, keep themselves clean, and strategically knock things off the counter, but do they know their own names? When you call their name and they actually come, is it because they hear you getting their food ready, or is it because they know exactly what you said?" - Reader's Digest

• Ruddington housing estate named after Wilbur the cat

2/22/2020  "Wilbur the cat has become known as the "King of Ruddington" and prowls around local pubs, cafes and shops getting food and affection from residents. Now a new development, approved last week, will be called the Wilbur Chase. Avant Homes said "it was only fitting" to pay tribute to the cat..." - BBC

• Why Do Cats Love the “Pspspsps” Noise So Much?

2/21/2020  "For a species both feared and revered for its sheer indifference towards whether you live or die, it’s a chink in the armor that’s almost, well, embarrassing for them. But considering the lows we’re willing to sink to in the name of endearing ourselves to them, maybe cats’ gauge for embarrassing behavior is a bit skewed. Nevertheless, I am awed by the power of the “pspspsps”; it’s sonic catnip." - Reader's Digest

2/17/20 - 2/23/20


• Auckland woman cat-proofs backyard on the cheap

2/23/2020  VIDEO: "When Vivien Dostine's cat was run over while roaming, she decided enough was enough. The West Auckland woman was not about to lose another beloved pet and fired up Google, seeking a way to confine her feline friends to her backyard.  She discovered a few DIY guides, started experimenting using cheap timber and plastic mesh." - Stuff

• Cat litter: The stinkin’ truth

2/19/2020  "In my house, we all clean the litter box. If one of us walks into the master bedroom closet where it is located and Pip, our 11-month-old kitten, has used it, we immediately clean it.

There are four reasons we are laser focused on the litter box." - Dayton Daily News

• Everything We Know About Taylor Swift’s Cats

2/19/2020  "... there was one question we kept asking ourselves as we watched the gripping doc: What's going on with Taylor Swift's cats? Here's everything you need to know about her furry felines. " -

• 12 Rare Cat Breeds You Probably Don’t Know About

2/19/2020  "Although these cats are part of the 42 pedigree breeds that the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) recognizes, chances are slim that you’ve seen them around unless you’re a regular at cat shows. That’s because there aren’t that many of them in the United States. Plus, because they’re generally show cats, you won’t see them sunning themselves on the front porch or stalking birds in the backyard. " - Reader's Digest

• People are obsessed with a new game about staying home and feeding your cat

2/19/2020  "While most of us have jobs and responsibilities that keep us from lounging around at home with our pets all day, it seems there might be a way we can make this dream a reality.

Well, a virtual reality anyway..." - Mirror

• Finally Get the Answers You Want About All Those Noises Your Cat Makes

2/18/2020  "One of my cats is fond of talking to me in the middle of the night while I'm trying to sleep, because she's nothing if not persistent. She often brings me things in bed that she found in the living room, and during the whole expedition, she's happily chirping to announce her arrival." - Popsugar

• Study which shows that cats reflect their owner's personality is flawed

2/18/2020  "The internet reports a study conducted at the universities of Lincoln and Nottingham Trent which concluded that the personalities of domestic cats reflect the personalities of their owner. They used a questionnaire to come to this decision. I think the study is inherently flawed." - PoC

• And Then What Happened?: A tale of two kitties

2/17/2020  "Dweezil knew what to do. He had watched enough old “Lassie” episodes to know exactly how to communicate with humans when something was terribly wrong. He stood at the door and meowed." - Greenfield Recorder

• A Vietnam vet and a support cat formed an 'amazing' friendship at a local retirement home

2/17/2020  "A lot of people at Green Acres retirement home look forward to the arrival of the Country Cat Lady, a non-profit organization which visits the community about two times each month. "Usually we have a really big crowd. Probably about 12 residents at least," said Life Enrichment Coordinator Serena Lewis." -

2/10/20 - 2/17/20


• It's cold outside! Cat jumps to new heights to get owners' attention

2/17/2020  VIDEO: "Most cats sit at the door and meow when they want to come inside, but not Tigger. This Harlan County kitty makes sure his owners see just how determined he is to get out of the cold." - symt

10 cats you should definitely be afraid of

2/16/2020  ""Cats are adorable. It's a fact. But, for all their purrs and fluff, they also have a healthy amount of sass. Check out these cats who we certainly wouldn't pick a fight with." - Wamiz

• Pet Wise: Important to safely introduce dogs and cats that will be sharing a home

2/15/2020  "Always keep in mind that the dog and cat are going to share your living space, love and attention. You could prevent that old expression, “fighting like cats and dogs” from becoming a reality by doing research, providing environmental management and utilizing positive training techniques." - Carroll County Times

• Carrot - Getting What She Deserves

2/13/2020  VIDEO: "This is the adorable moment two preschoolers give their relaxed cat its own spa treatment. Erin Merryn filmed her daughters Abby, five, and Hannah, three, doting on their beloved pet Carrot while at home in Elgin, Illinois." - Daily Mail

• What supplies do you need for a new cat?

2/13/2020  "Cats are really great pets and can be easier than dogs in many respects. Contrary to popular belief, cats aren’t always aloof and can be just as cuddly and loving as a dog. So, what do you need to make a cat happy in your home? Actually, very little. But, here’s a quick rundown of the basics." - The Leader News

• Does Your Cat Really Hate You?

2/12/2020  AUDIO:  "It's the latest installment of our series, "Animal Slander," where we take a common phrase about animals and see what truth there is to it. The case before the Short Wave court today: cats. Many people say they're aloof, especially compared to dogs, that they love food more than their owners and that cats like people who ignore them." - WAMU

• NOVA Explores The History And Habits Of Pets On "Dog Tales" And "Cat Tales"

2/11/2020  VIDEOS: "This month on NOVA the history, behavior, genetics, and more of our animal companions will be featured on two consecutive Wednesday nights. From explaining the evolution of the human-dog relationship and the varied history of cats, find out more about this special duo of documentaries and when you and your pet can tune in." -

• Picture of wise Oriental Shorthair

2/11/2020  "He has the distinct appearance of a wise man in his late fifties or sixties. I am stereotyping and I apologize... " "I could be wrong but he has that sort of appearance but I might be projecting my prejudices or emotions on this cat. It is something humans are very inclined to do." - PoC

• Aries the Ambassador Cat Shows The World That Being Different Is A Good Thing

2/11/2020  "Aries is a fighter, that’s for sure. His name comes from Greek mythology, the God of War. He was adopted by his humans, Joe and Tracy Pitisci, in March 2018. Since then, he’s leant his charm and adorable antics to inspire others. You see, Aries is different." - Cole and Marmalade

• (Please) Adopt, do not shop for cats, dogs

2/11/2020  "While I do see why some people would rather go to breeders instead of shelters, I think it’s extremely important for pet owners to go to shelters as often as they can." - The Daily Eastern News

• This Pottery Studio Shared a Video of a Cat Making Pottery and I Can't Stop Watching

2/10/2020  VIDEO: "While the internet is usually a minefield of angry comments, peculiar stories, and viral hacks, sometimes we are #blessed with an adorably addictive video of an animal doing something, well, adorable. And this is one of those times." - House Beautiful

• What I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Cats

11/29/2018  "The first thing you need to know before you get cats is that you’re not getting cats. The cats are getting you. Prepare yourself for a new life as a second-class citizen — the top tier, of course, occupied by your new cats." -

2/5/20 - 2/9/20


• Of cats, being stylish and guests

2/9/2020  "I have acquired a cat. A kitten, very tiny, very sweet and probably far too young to be taken from her mother but she’s a rescue and she is thriving. Hybrid vigour. She has a piercing and loud voice for such a little thing, but she uses it to declare her presence, to demand food, and to scream..." - Daily Express

• Man Arrested For Assaulting Woman After Argument Over Pet Cat Walking On Kitchen Table

2/8/2020  "A man was arrested for allegedly choking a woman in Westmoreland County after an argument broke out about a pet cat walking on the kitchen table." - CBS Pittsburgh  [Doug's note: Time to Get a New Boyfriend]

• Cat survives 7 hours stuck on London underground tracks after 250 trains drive over him

2/8/2020  "Forget nine lives, one cat appears to have used up a couple of hundred after becoming trapped in the London Underground. The animal, called Blitz, spent seven hours cowering on the tracks in a tunnel as more than 250 trains passed over his head" - Independent

• Mystery of black cat stickers on road signs in Kent and Sussex

2/8/2020  "If you've ever driven through Kent, chances are you will have seen the image of a black cat on a signpost. The mysterious moggy stickers have been popping up across the south east for years - driving many wild with curiosity." - KentOnline

• Pretty cats strut their stuff at the Steel City Kitties show

2/8/2020  "The unusual-looking chocolate-colored cat preened and stretched, happy to be admired and petted by strangers. Owner Beth Deal of Hampton, Va., patiently explained that though he is spotted like a wild cat, the grand champion she calls Swamp Fox is a very domestic breed known as an ocicat." - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

• Welcoming new cat; considering ‘cattitudes’

2/7/2020  "Rita, a small black cat, has recently become a member of our household.

I can confidently make this statement now, but for the first few days it was little more than a rumor. All I had glimpsed was a black streak shooting down the hallway." - Herald Banner

• Litter mate kitties most likely to stay BFFs

2/7/2020  "Research into feline feuding shows that you are most likely to create a convivial cat couple by bringing young kitties of similar ages into your home at about the same time. Litter mates are statistically most likely to remain BFFs." - Albuquerque Journal

• Fukui Pref. temple teeming with friendly felines fascinates cat lovers from near and far

2/7/2020  "A "cat temple" in this central Japan city has built a growing reputation for kindness to kitties after decades caring for strays and, more recently, arranging the adoption of more than 300 felines." - The Mainichi

• Watch Hero Cat Come to the Rescue of Human Owner Locked Out of the House Without Keys

2/6/2020  VIDEO: "Boko the cat and Gabriella Tropea have been virtually inseparable since she rescued him as a stray on her college campus—and after Tropea was locked out of her house in Austin, Texas, he finally got to repay the favor by rescuing her in return." - Good News Network

• Talking cat asks owner 'Are you coming?' in viral TikTok video

2/6/2020  VIDEO: "The only thing better than a sassy cat is a talking sassy cat. A TikTok video purporting to show a cat asking its owner, "Are you Coming?" has gone viral, and admittedly it's hard to believe." - Fox News

• Pets: Making sense of your cat’s super senses

2/6/2020  "As a longtime volunteer and lifetime cat enthusiast, I’m often asked which of a cat’s five senses it relies on most. It’s a topic I love to discuss and debate, but there’s just no clear answer. The truth is: Your cat is a secret superhero, specially equipped with an exquisite package of dynamic super senses, masterfully synchronized to rule its domain." - Alexandria Times

• Wild thing: What it means to love a cat

2/5/2020  “What does it mean to love an animal, a pet, in my case a cat, in the fierce, entire, and unambivalent way that some of us do?” That’s the opening line of my favorite Alice Adams story, “The Islands,” which is a lovely, oblique story about many things..." - Daily Hampshire Gazette

2/1/20 - 2/5/20


• People Are Sharing Pics Of Their Long Cats That Seem To Stretch ‘Til Infinity (80 Pics)

2/5/2020  "The average cat is about 46 cm (18 in) in head-to-body length with a roughly 30 cm (12 in) long tail. And that's what we're used to seeing. However, there are breeds that are so far off these numbers, they look like mini lions. Or slinkies." - boredpanda

• Use the phrase ‘companion animal’ rather than ‘pet’ to describe your cat

2/4/2020  "Ingrid Newkirk, the founder and president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) urges people to think about the language they use when discussing domestic cats and dogs. It’s important to do this. I always make the effort to be careful with the use of language when I write articles because it firstly reflects the attitude of people towards companion animals and secondly in using the wrong words you can reinforce bad attitudes. " - PoC

• A Study Finds That Your Cat Thinks of You as a Parent

2/4/2020  "Contrary to popular belief, cats can actually form bonds with their owners just like other pets do. A study found that cats have social-cognitive abilities and, similar to babies, your cat can see you as their parent and create a sense of attachment." - Bright Side

• Please Appreciate This Cat's Dramatic Reaction to Its Food Being Taken Away

2/3/2020  "A particularly hungry cat is going viral on TikTok for its reaction to food being taken away, and y'all, it is a dramatic response." - Popsugar

• It’s National Cat Health Month: Here are some tips

2/2/2020  "With new pets joining families across the country and National Cat Health Month arriving, it is the perfect time for pet parents to focus on their cats’ well-being. PetSmart's resident veterinarian and pet care expert, Jennifer Freeman, DVM, shares tips to help your kitty live a happy, healthy life." - AZBigMedia

• The world's richest cat Choupette stars in new Instagram album ...

2/2/2020  "Karl Lagerfeld's heiress cat dubbed the richest kitty in the world is now starring in new Instagram photos. The photographers were snapped by the Chanel fashion designer himself, prior to his death last year. " - Daily Mail

• Does Your Pet Really Need Cat TV or a Dog Playlist?

2/2/2020  "Streaming services like Amazon Prime and Spotify offer videos, playlists and narrated books to entertain dogs and cats. But who loves it more: The pets? Or their owners?" - The New York Times

• He nose it! Hero cat saves owner's life over 50 times by detecting diabetic attacks

2/2/2020  "The nine-year-old puss has saved his owner’s life more than FIFTY times by waking her up. Hazel, former psychiatric nurse, has type one diabetes and if her blood sugar drops while she sleeps, she can suffer seizures and even fall into a coma — with potentially fatal consequences." - The Sun

• Woman reunited with lost cat months after adopting an identical one with the same name

2/2/2020  "A pet owner has been reunited with the cat she lost almost a year ago. The reunion happened after she adopted an identical looking cat a couple of months back and gave it the same name in the memory of her first furry baby." - TheNational

• Attention, cat lovers! Grumpy Cat still lives through this lookalike, Meow Meow

2/2/2020  "Although no cat can ever replace the love we shared for Grumpy Cat, let alone have the cultural impact the celebrity cat had during its time, this new cat will be sure to steal your heart away." - Mashable SE Asia

• Watch: Seeing this cat hug its owner will make your heart melt

2/1/2020  "If you're more of a dog person because you think dogs are more affectionate, then you need to check out this video. You'll see there's a lot more to cats than you might think." - Wamiz

• Working Strategies: A pet peeve: cats and dogs limiting job choices

2/1/2020  "Here’s a question for the oldsters in the audience (self-defined, as I’m certainly not going there): When you were a kid, did your pets accompany you into restaurants, clothing stores or public spaces in general? More to the point for this column, did they come to work with you every day?" -

1/28/20 - 2/1/20


• Experts reveal 13 things you should never do to your cat

2/1/2020  "Cat owners know that every feline has its own distinct personality, but there are certain guidelines that pet owners should be aware of." - Insider

• Powell: Beloved pets need care after owners pass

2/1/2020  "An email relating the plight of two homeless cats after the death of their owner fueled a belief this animal lover has long promoted. If we say that our pets are like family then they also should be included in the family circle right to the very end, as in death." - The Blade

• A Paws for Pets - In memory of Matt

1/31/2020  "How does one become so obsessed with cats? I have asked myself that for the past 25 years or so. I have always had a soft spot for any animal and was known to bring home to my mother many surprises through the years." - York News Times

• People For Cats - January 31, 2020

1/31/2020  "There is no universal agreement on exactly when a cat becomes a senior citizen, but most cats begin to exhibit some age-related changes sometime between 10 and 15 years of age." - The Falmouth Enterprise

• Guy Shares His Cat’s Funny Reaction To Him Opening A Can Thinking It’s Tuna, Gets A Fan Comic Stri

1/30/2020  "Every cat owner knows that whenever they open a can or package of any kind, their feline friend will take it as a dinner invitation. No matter what you’re eating, fluffy buddies will try to treat themselves a portion of your food. This behavior is so common in cats that it has become a widespread meme that never stops being hilarious." - boredpanda

• Georgiann Potts: ‘Time spent with cats is never wasted’

1/30/2020  "I know that you “cat people” are out there — “closet” cat lovers who hide your attraction to cats. I know this from the postings that I see on Facebook — pictures of cats doing adorable things while interacting with obvious affection with their humans. I know this because I see the enormous quantities of cat food, cat litter, cat toys, cat clothing, and cat beds for sale everywhere. Someone is buying this stuff . . ." - The Ouachita Citizen

• Remember, cats are not dogs

1/30/2020  "We think a cat can make for the best pet in the world. To truly love a cat, you must learn to accept them for what they are — unpredictable and quirky, which is something unique and unlike any other pet. If you let them, they will find a way to warm your heart with their affection and loving nature. " - TheCounty

• Ragdoll Cats Are the Floppiest, Friendliest Felines Around

1/30/2020  "...The CFA's most frequently registered cat breed of 2018 was a lovable critter known as the "ragdoll" cat. You might call it one of the new kids on the block. Unlike certain competitors with arguably ancient pedigrees, ragdolls are a modern invention." - HowStuffWorks

• Why I'm Glad I Adopted 2 Cats at the Same Time

1/29/2020  "After spending 27 years as a dog person, I became a cat mom to two kittens almost overnight, and not too shortly after, a crazy cat lady who wears clothes that say "Cat Person." The transition was one of the smoothest of my life, and I regret absolutely nothing, despite always assuming I'd only ever end up with a dog or two "when I grew up." In fact, adopting both of my babies at once is the best pet-owner decision I've ever made." - Popsugar

• Cat Chaos Ensues Once Leaping Fish Gets Combative

1/28/2020  "Cats have a reputation for intimidating and, of course, eating fish. But as the proverb goes turnabout is fair play, and at least two cats are now well aware of that. - TIME

• Ask a (Local) Master Gardener: How do I keep my cats from eating spring seedlings?

1/28/2020  "Q: I want to get started this spring growing vegetables and lettuces in containers on my back patio. The problem is, if I’m going to start from seed, how do I keep the seedlings from being devoured by my two 20-lb indoor cats who are bound and determined to eat everything that’s not under lock and key?" - Daily Hampshire Gazette

• 50 Purr-fectly Funny Cat Puns To Try When You Feel Like Kitten Around

1/28/2020  "To cat owners, there are two kinds of people in the world: Those who love cats, and everyone else. Having a cat is practically a way of life. Most cat fans love swapping tales about their kitties, reveling in the fact that their pet manages to be both affectionate and have an attitude problem, and crack up at cat puns." - Parade

1/26/20 - 1/28/20


• Tesco cat Pumpkin defies Norwich supermarket 'ban'

1/28/2020  "Ginger tom Pumpkin became an "unexpected item in the bagging area" of a Tesco branch near Norwich when he was spotted on the scanner on Sunday. Almost 2,000 people follow the adventures of the mischievous moggy, who usually abides by the ban and stays outside the front door." - BBC News

• Here's the scoop: A cat's purr means a lot more than just a content kitty

1/28/2020  "Though some experts believe purring is the sound of turbulence in the main vein of a cat's heart, most agree it involves the larynx, glottis and neural oscillator. Translation, please!" - Daily Herald

• Meet The New Grumpy Cat That Looks Even Angrier Than Her Late Predecessor

1/27/2020  "No one will ever replace Grumpy Cat, but a new kitty has captured the Internet’s attention that deserves to be among the world's angriest felines. Meet Meow Meow, a giant fluff from Taiwan." - boredpanda

• 14 Pictures Of Toddlers & Cats Being Ridiculously Adorable Together

1/27/2020  "You've probably heard that dogs are man's best friend, but maybe the saying really should be that cats are toddler's best friends (furever). You may not think of cats as especially cuddly creatures (and some are not) but these 14 pictures of toddlers and cats together prove that kitties can be loyal buddies, too." - Romper

• Black Cats and other feline myths

1/27/2020  "It seems that no creature on earth is surrounded by myths more than cats. Western culture in particular has associated them with evil omens and as familiars of witches, but Japan, Great Britain, Ireland, and Scotland consider them symbols of good luck. Shelter workers, however, are quick to say that they’re the last to be adopted from litters of kittens." - ShoreLineTimes

• Ancient Egyptians believed cats were divine. Cats agreed. Still do.

1/27/2020  "Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that in their little self-absorbed brains, they are certain nothing in existence is superior to them. They live as if undeniably divine." - Godzooks

• A feline home away from home

1/27/2020  "With 25 individual apartments, handmade balls and mats and private litter boxes, Cats Play While You’re Away in Vancouver offers many opportunities to pamper your feline friend while you aren’t home." - The Reflector

• Being grandmother to a cat

1/26/2020  "Sleeping with a cat in your room is akin to sleeping with a baby. Both cats and babies have no understanding of night and day. When our son’s cat, Odie, sleeps with me and my husband, she considers it her hallowed duty to dance on me for attention so that I can attend on her throughout the nights." - Deccan Hearld

• Bonnie and Clyde: The tale of the cross-eyed cathedral cats

1/26/2020  "When the moon rises over Cathedral Square, Bonnie and Clyde – two "outlaws" living rough in the ruins of Christ Church Cathedral – emerge from the shadows to stalk Christchurch's central business district." - Stuff

1/22/20 - 1/26/20


• Cat Jumps Over Kitchen Floor Because She Thinks It’s Evil | The Dodo Cat Crazy

1/26/2020  YOUTUBE: "Leapfrog the cat has always been kind of odd, according to her mom. Since she was little, she's always refused to step on that one part of the kitchen floor, preferring to leap over it instead. So her mom decided to have some fun with it." - The Neighbor

• How do cats know what time it is?

1/26/2020  "If you’ve ever been woken up by your cat’s paw on your face just before your alarm or been aggressively miaowed at when you’re three minutes late with dinnertime, you’ll have wondered: how do cats know what time it is? They don’t have a tiny wristwatch, after all. Have they somehow figured out how to read the kitchen clock? You’re not overestimating your cat’s intelligence." - METRO

• Israel: ‘The Promised Land for Cats’

1/26/2020  "Somebody once called Israel “The Promised Land for Cats.” Even a short trip to Israel will reveal immediately cities, towns, hamlets and communities full of cats. They are all over the place. You never see mice, rats, moles or squirrels — but cats-a-plenty." - Williamsport Sun-Gazette

• Cats Do Bond Securely to Their Humans - Maybe Even More So Than Dogs

1/25/2020  "Many think of dogs as loyal, love-filled companions, and cats as cute beasts that tolerate us - but we might have to rethink that a little. According to 2019 research, cats can get just as bonded to their human friends as dogs do." - ScienceAlert

• 5 amazing things about Calico cats that make them such remarkable felines

1/25/2020  "Calico cats are known for their unique tricoloured coats of orange, black and white. But there is much more to these beautiful felines than just their striking markings." - Wamiz

• Adorable feline who loves licking BANANAS earns thousands of internet fans

1/24/2020  "The cat, who is named Bean, has over 11,000 Instagram followers who love the sweet kitty pictures and videos that his owner, Chelsea Merritt, posts. Speaking to BoredPanda, Chelsea explained that as much as the 21-month-old Flamepoint Siamese loves to lick bananas, he actually only gets a taste a couple of times a month because she knows that they aren't a particularly healthy part of a feline diet." - Daily Mail

• Is cat spraying the same as urinating?

1/24/2020  "No, cat spraying is not the same as urinating. They have different purposes. The purpose of urinating is to eliminate waste from the cat’s body while the purpose of cat spraying is far more intricate but very specific. Cat spraying is scent-marking but what does territorial scent marking signify and what signals does it carry?" - PoC

• Do female cats spray?

1/23/2020  "Yes, adult female cats spray urine for scent-marking purposes. However, mature males spray urine far more frequently at 99% of total spraying activity in a study (Methods of scent marking in the domestic cat by Hilary N Feldman, May 26 1994 " - PoC

• Florence-Lauderdale Animal Services selected for program to improve cat behavior

1/23/2020  VIDEO: "When we asked Florence-Lauderdale Animal Services Director Cheryl Jones what is the most rewarding part of her job, she said, "It's working with those animals that people have neglected and not taken care of and then you can see them blossom and become somebody's beloved companion." - WHNT News19

• Alberta man uses lukewarm coffee to rescue frozen, abandoned kittens

1/23/2020  VIDEO: "Kendall Diwisch was doing the rounds near one of his wells near Drayton Valley Wednesday morning when he discovered something unusual. Three cats he believes were abandoned had their tails stuck under ice." - Edmonton CTV News

• In a choice, interacting with people beats eating for domestic cats

1/22/2020  "A study published in August 2017 on the website comes to the conclusion that the domestic cat, in a choice between eating food and interacting with humans, prefers the latter. I’ll have to presume that the human has to be a person that the cat gets on very well with because obviously this conclusion would not normally be true for people who are totally unknown to the cat." - PoC

• 16 Things Cats Stole From Babies, Because Everything Belongs To Them

1/22/2020  "I love them, but cats are jerks. The biggest jerks. Everything you bring into the house, they totally think is theirs — including stuff for your kid. To prove my point (and because everyone loves a good cat picture) here's basically a coffee table book of things cats stole from kids." - Romper

1/19/20 - 1/24/20


• Pet Talk: Barn cats are made to live in great outdoors

1/24/2020  "Whether your feline friend is curled up next to you on the couch or lives outdoors, cats have a way of making their way into our hearts one way or another." - Denton Record-Chronicle

• How to be Eco-Friendly as a Cat Owner

1/22/2020  "According to an article that was published in PLOS One in 2017, pets such as cats and dogs have a serious effect on the environment. However, this does not mean that you cannot be a pet owner and an environmentalist at the same time." - blue&green tomorrow

• The vision thing: What do cats and dogs actually see?

1/22/2020  "Centuries of domestic breeding have resulted in cats and dogs that come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. If you have a favorite breed, there’s a good chance that you like it to some degree because of the way it looks. But what do our pets see when they look back at us?" - c-ville

• How to pick the perfect cat for you

1/21/2020  "Deciding to adopt a cat into your family is a lifelong commitment that should never be taken lightly. However, once you have made the necessary arrangements to make yourself ready – both financially and at home – to get a cat, deciding on which cat to bring home is one of the most exciting parts of getting a pet." - Better Homes & Gardens

• Cat Gets Very Dramatic When Can of Tuna Is Opened But Tuna Is Denied

1/21/2020  "Nobody likes getting a whiff of their favorite food without knowing that they’re also at least going to get a taste of it. But this tuna-obsessed cat takes things to the next level when her owner dares to dine on a can of solid white albacore or chunk light without her." - TIME

• Foxes and cats coexist in the urban environment

9/3/2018  AUDIO: "Cat owners shouldn’t be concerned about their wandering cats being attacked by a fox unless the circumstances are exceptional. I have created an audio file to listen to on this topic." - PoC

• How to make sure indoor cats are happy

1/20/2020  "Dear Miss Behavin’: I recently adopted a cat that will be indoors-only. I worry that she will be bored and less enriched than an outdoor cat. How can I make sure she stays happy indoors?" - The Mercury News

• My lover didn’t like my cat — guess which one had to go?

1/20/2020  "When something devastatingly sad has happened to you,one of the best roads to recovery can be helping someone else. It puts your own sorrows into perspective and eases the pain." - Daily Mail

• Someone Whose Job Is To Take Care Of Cats Told Us How To Choose The Best One

1/20/2020  "For too long, the war between dog lovers and cat lovers has driven a wedge through the animal community. It’s a raging feud of Montague/Capulet proportions, and I say to all those who indulge in this: for shame." - Pedestrian

• Dog Passes Gas, The Cat is Not Happy

1/19/2020  VIDEO: "Animals aren't trying to be YouTube sensations, they are just simply being themselves. But when their natural animal behavior mimics the real lives of humans, you have the recipe for a hit video on YouTube." - 99.9KTDY

• Hallmark Channel News: It’s Raining Cute Cats And Dogs On Hallmark In February 2020

1/19/2020  "The Hallmark Channel is well known for romantic films and series, where humans fall in love with each other. However, bosses at the channel are also great animal lovers... CelebratingTheSoaps

1/10/20 - 1/17/20


• Woman Transforms Her Passion For Helping Abandoned And Feral Cats Into Catville

"If you were to ask Helyn Cornille, she would tell you that she’s just an old lady that loves animals. But don’t let her modesty fool you, she has a heart of gold. For many years, Helyn dreamed of transforming her love for helping abandoned and feral cats into something more." - Cole and Marmalade

• The Pet Expert: Want to Be a Better Pet Owner? Treat Your Pet Like a Human

1/17/2020  "Taking on the responsibility of owning a pet means taking personal responsibility for their health and well-being. Keeping pets healthy and happy is not a very complicated process, however there’s almost always room for improvement." - The Meaford Independent

• Hemingway’s home is the cats’ meow

1/17/2020  "Nestled in the heart of Key West’s Old Town, the white-black-and-gold manor at 907 Whitehead Street is where the master wordsmith lived for a prolific writing span from 1931 to 1939. In 1968, seven years after Hemingway’s death, the estate became a registered National Historic Landmark." - VCStar

• Jackson Galaxy wanted to be a rock star, and now he makes bad cats good

1/16/2020  "In his previous life, Galaxy, born Richard Kirschner, wanted to be a rock star. But during a stint working in a Colorado animal shelter, in the midst of a harrowing addiction battle, Galaxy realized he had a unique affinity for cats, and they for him." - ChicagoTribune

• Animal lover creates retirement home for elderly cats

1/16/2020  "To give our older feline pals the love they deserve, Laura Cassiday, 29, decided to start her own retirement home for old and sick cats who would otherwise be put down." - METRO

• Compelling new evidence that your cat might eat your corpse

1/15/2020  "Left alone, a human corpse will soon be feasted upon by maggots. Also, depending on the circumstances, by a cat. It is one of those pet-owner musings, a conversation topic so dark that it inspired a book by a mortician: Would Fluffy eat me if I dropped dead? The answer, according to small but growing body of scientific literature, is a fairly clear yes." - The Washington Post

• Seniors get physical, mental benefits from companion animals

1/15/2020  "Donna Zimmerman made an unexpected new friend as she moved into her room at Ecumen in Detroit Lakes late last summer: Mort, a big, chummy, black-and-white cat." - DL-Online

• Naughty cat causes over £15,000 worth of damage in owners’ house, clearly feels no remorse

1/11/2020  "A very naughty cat managed to cause her owners over £15,000 worth of damage to their house… then was pictured clearly not giving a single sh*t about the wreckage she had created." - METRO

• Could this furball be the fluffiest feline in the world?

1/10/2020  VIDEO: "The most recent gathering of the Absolutely Abyssinians Cat Club, a member organization of the the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), saw more than 160 cats prance through the conference center... in Jacksonville, Fla." - NewYorkPost

• The best cat perch

1/10/2020  "Unlike dogs, who are quite content sticking to the floor and sofa, cats need vertical space to really thrive. Cat perches give your cat a spot to hang out that's well above ground level and usually fixed to a window so your feline friend can watch the world go by." - ChicagoTribune

• People for Cats - How smart are cats?

1/10/2020  "How smart are cats? Probably every cat owner has an opinion on the subject, but it’s surprisingly difficult to quantify cat intelligence. Scientists like to do experiments that are simple and repeatable and cats just aren’t like that!" - The Falmouth Enterprise

12/29/19 - 1/8/20


• LuluPet's AI Recognition in the Litter Box: Detect Abnormal Cat Litter Before it's Too Late

1/8/2020  "Cats are quite capable of withstanding pain; hiding any signs of discomfort they may be experiencing. This means that the quickest way to tell your kitty's condition is through its litter. Taiwanese startup LuluPet has developed an intelligent litter box solution. " - Cision

• How 'god-like' cats are the pet of choice for atheists...

1/6/2020  "Cats are 'very godlike', which make them more likely to be owned by atheists than churchgoers as a substitute for religion, according to a new study. People who worship more than once a week own 1.4 cats on average, compared to the non-religious who have an average of two..." - Daily Mail

• Paw-fect interruption: Friendly cat tests Buddhist monk's concentration

1/6/2020 "This is the hilarious moment a Buddhist monk gives into a persistent cat's bid for affection during five-hour-long New Year prayers at a Thai temple. Footage shows a chanting monk in a saffron-robe monk gently trying to push away the cat as it repeatedly crawls into his lap." - Daily Mail

• Hey, at least my fur babies aren’t possums…

1/4/2020  "My smallest cat, a neurotic creature who will bite if you pet her but begs to be rocked like a baby, that creature was asleep and purring on top of my head like a rumbling toboggan." - The Mountaineer

• 7 Reasons Why We Love Cats

1/3/2020  "There are literally hundreds of reasons why we cat parents love our cats. Ask any cat lover why they love cats so much and you'll likely get an earful of reasons." -

• Cat Tales - Pets are part of the family

1/2/2020  "Lately, I have reflected on the pets we have had during our lifetime and the joy they brought to us." "This is the story of three cats named Dixie, Shadow and Max." - Democrat Gazette

• The cult of the cat

1/1/2020  "The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service declared in 2015 that the eastern cougar was extinct. Yet a discovery in 1994 may well refute that government prognosis." - Times Argus

• Man spends a week building 2,432 piece model - cat destroys it in seconds

1/1/2020  "A toy store worker spent more than a week putting together a model of Japanese manga series character Doraemon for a client in time for a New Year deadline - only to see his cat destroy it" - Mirror

• Pet Sense: New Year’s resolutions for our best friends

12/30/2019  "While our animal friends can care less if it’s the old year or new, we can make a few resolutions for them that can go a long way toward insuring their health and safety and enhancing our relationship with them." - ShoreLineTimes

• Make some pet care resolutions to kick off the new year

12/29/2019  "While you’re mulling over the resolutions you plan to make for 2020, why not make a few for your pets?Here are a few that almost everyone can make — and keep." - Altoona Mirror

12/25/19 - 12/29/19


• Purr-fect way to start 2020: Sold-out cat calendar raises funds for feral felines

12/29/2019  "It's the 11th year that Pierre Filiatreault created the Dockyard Cats Calendar, which spotlights some of the furry felines living on the grounds at Halifax's naval base." - CBC

• Cats get their personality from their owners

12/29/2019  "Although we may whine and whinge about the temperamental nature of our cats, it turns out their personalities may say more about us than it does them." -

• 12 Affectionate Cats That Might as Well Be Dogs

12/27/2019  "If you’re looking for a kitty that’s more interested in you than its catnip, then an affectionate breed is for you." - Woman'sDay

• Japan’s awesomely adorable cat pseudo-currency is actually usable at one very special place

12/27/2019  "...there is a form of eye-catching pseudo-currency you can obtain, and use, in Japan right now" - SoraNews24

• Meet Boris, the shopkeeper cat frequenting every store on the high street

12/26/2019  "Boris is a friendly cat that makes himself at home in almost every store on the high street." - METRO

• Four Ways to Save Money on Your Petcare Budget in 2020

"When looking for ways to be frugal, it’s a good idea to look through all the categories in your budget as there are always some places you can save money or some bills that could be a little lower." - My Thrifty Life

• 'Yoda cat' with sideways-pointing ears and green eyes...

12/25/2019  "Animal lovers are going wild for a North Carolina-based rescue cat, insisting she's a kitty version of Baby Yoda." - Daily Mail

• 'Most popular cat in the country': Gus enters dog race, comes first...

12/25/2019  "The cat that entered a dog swimming race in Sydney's northern beaches on Christmas Eve walked away with a gold in his category, and he celebrated with a Christmas swim." - The Sidney Morning Herald

• The surprisingly complicated physics of why cats always land on their feet

12/25/2019  "Scientists are not immune to the alluringly aloof charms of the domestic cat. Sure, Erwin Schrodinger could be accused of animal cruelty for his famous thought experiment, but Edwin Hubble had a cat named Copernicus, who sprawled across the papers on the astronomer's desk as he worked, purring contentedly." - arsTechnica

• Wet cat says "I'm cold"

12/25/2019 VIDEO:  "This is one of those videos where it seems that the cat is speaking English. The cat is in a bath and appears to have been bathed which is why it is appropriate to say ‘I’m cold’. - PoC

• Meet Pip The Beach Cat: An Adventure Cat With A Knack For Community Service

"Between Bodhi the Maine Coon and Magic the outdoorsy rescue kitten, cats are proving that adventures aren’t only for dogs." - Cole and Marmalade

12/17/19 - 12/24/19


• Cats, paragons of independence, still depend on us for protection

12/24/2019  "Cats moved from forests into villages — and homes — more than 10,000 years ago." - The Altamont Enterprise

• P.A.W.S.: Should your cat stay in or out?

12/23/2019  "Wherever you live, either out in the country or in town, one of the first decisions you have to make when you get a cat is whether she will be an indoor cat, an outdoor cat, or both." -McAlester News-Capital

• Man has 15 cats, 22 litter boxes & no smell. Here's how he did it

12/23/2019  VIDEO:  "This man is smart and he loves cats more than humans." - PoC

• Someone Changed That Love Actually Scene to Be All the Reasons We Love Cats

12/18/2019  "I was a dog person up until a few years ago when I rescued two cats, and while they're the loves of my life, I've never been more annoyed by a pet than I am by these two wild and sweet girls." -popsugar

• Can You Pass This Cat Trivia Quiz?

"So, you think you’re a cat person? " - Reader's Digest

• Anonymous person donates $25k for cats

12/18/2019  "An anonymous donor has given the Tri-Lakes Humane Society $25,000 to establish a Feline Welfare Fund." - Adirondack Daily Enterprise

• 30 People Who Didn’t Want Pets But Changed Their Mind Real Fast

12/17/2019  "You might think you're not a cat person but the second you lay your eyes on those furry little divas and get to witness their grace firsthand, you become one. Just like these 30 folks." - boredpanda

12/13/19 - 12/17/19


• Why cats are really man's best friend - in film, at least

12/17/2019  "As a rag-tag bunch of jazz-loving felines observed back in Disney’s 1970 classic The Aristocats, “everybody wants to be a cat”. - BBC

• 9 studies that prove cats make the best pets

12/16/2019  "Cats tend to have a bad reputation. Some people assume they're snobby, unfriendly, completely uninterested in their human owners, and prone to scratching or biting." - Insider

• The Nine Lives of Cats: how poetry became a musical, then a film...

12/16/2019  "When Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats appeared in the first week of October 1939, it might have been thought that its author had lost the plot." - TheGuardian

• Photos: Cat Herders Day

12/15/2019  "December 15 is Cat Herders Day. In honor of the day this gallery includes cat related pictures taken over the years by the StarNews." - StarNewsOnline

• What a rock song - and a cat - taught me about love

12/14/2019  "What could I do then when I — not a cat person — came home from work one day and saw that my girls had adopted a rescue kitten named Juliet?" - FoxNews

• Teen reunited with long-lost cat while volunteering at animal shelter

12/14/2019  "An Oregon teen got an early Christmas miracle last week when she was reunited with her long-lost cat while volunteering at a local animal shelter." - New York Post

• Cats & their quirks

12/14/2019  "Some love them to bits and some can’t stand them at all - cats can be extremely caring and supportive pets but of course, they do have their own quirks that adds to their cuteness" - MillenniumPost

• Cats Steal the Show in These 12 Famous Feline Flicks

12/13/2019  "How do cats fare on camera? Unlike their doggie counterparts, cats don’t respond easily to verbal cues—and they’re far less eager to please." - Parade

• Of Cats and Men

"Gettysburg’s Civil War Tails offers a cat’s-eye view of battle." "It started with a book." - NPCA

12/4/19 - 12/13/19


• Donegal cat's miraculous escape after getting head stuck in glass jar

12/13/2019  "The cat was spotted in Ardara,Co Donegal with the glass jar on its head." - Irish Mirror

• It’s a felony to steal a dog, but it’s only a misdemeanor to steal a cat

12/12/2019  "You can look it up. Virginia Code § 18.2-97, the animal larceny statute, states that it’s a Class 5 felony to commit larceny of a dog." - Virginia Lawyers Weekly

• Cats Absolutely Hate When Their Humans Use Cat Face Filters

12/12/2019  "Cats, let’s face it, have a lot of power" - TheCut

• How Do I Keep My Pet Babies From Harming My Plant Babies? & Vice-Versa

12/12/2019  "Question: "What’s your advice for plant/pet cohabitation? Are there certain plants that are safer to have around pets? Are there certain varieties that pets are less likely to nibble on or mess with." - Refinery29

• "Trim" the Cat - statue honors an adventurous seafaring cat

12/12/2019  "Outside Sydney's (Australia) Mitchell Library stands a statue of Matthew Flinders, the celebrated English navigator and cartographer who helped map Australia, declared it a continent, and was influential in giving it its current name." - Atlas Obscura

• New cat-friendly homes in Japan come specially designed for felines

12/10/2019  "Nobody loves cats quite as much as Japanese brand Felissimo." - SoraNews24

• The wacky, big-money world of pet influencers

12/8/2019  "They have millions of followers on Instagram. They generate major profits for their owners. They are… pet influencers." - The Manila Times

• Cats can squeeze into the most awkward spaces...

12/8/2019  "Cats are known to have a mind of their own, and these pictures prove just how determined our feline friends are to get their own way." -

• Exotic or Exploited? The Controversial Savannah Cat

12/6/2019  "Onlookers thought a cheetah was roaming the neighborhood." - HowStuffWorks

• People for Cats

12/6/2019  [Doug's note: I generally don't cover stories about specific animal shelters, but this story has some good information about white cats.]  "Many people are aware that white cats are often born deaf. What is less widely known is that the chances of a white cat being deaf vary." - The Falmouth Enterprise

• In Istanbul, Cats Are Sacred — Here Are Photos of the City’s Cutest Strays

12/4/2019  " Istanbul, I couldn’t wait to capture the visual dichotomy between tradition and modernity — the Byzantine domes and spiraling minarets juxtaposed against the lively bars and cutting-edge art galleries." - Travel and Leisure

12/1/19 - 12/3/19


• Family pawtrait! Owner gets 17 dogs and cats to all sit still for a photo

12/3/2019  "A woman has shared an amazing photo of all 17 of her cats and dogs sitting in the living room." - Daily Mail

• Someone Recorded Their Cat Saying "Well, Hi!" in a Southern Accent...

12/3/2019  "After a long day at work, one of my favorite ways to unwind is spending time scrolling through Instagram looking for cat content." - Popsugar

• Seaford soldier fundraising to bring cat companion home

12/2/2019  "Dan Brissey is on his fourth overseas tour as part of the National Guard. .."- Dover Post

• How to Ensure Your Cats Golden Years are the Best

12/2/2019  "An older cat requires special care. As an owner, you have had your kitty companion on your lap and purring for a long time and as a cat ages, an owner needs to be more aware of a cat's health." - Patch

• A case of the wrong “cat”: unexpected surprise in a toy box...

12/2/2019  "Think back to your childhood toys. If you were into trucks and construction equipment, chances are you had some model of the yellow machinery manufactured by Caterpillar Inc., also known as CAT," -  SoraNews24

• 15 times cats were caught playing D&D

12/2/2019  "Cats are attracted to D&D.There are books to sit on, dice to chase, and DM screens to peer royally out from behind." - GeekNative

• This Cat Named Valkyrie Has The Most Bizarre Human-Like Face

"While the Internet is full of cute cat pics, there’s always room for one more famous feline. " - Cole and Marmalade

• How This Cat Went from Shelter Animal to World Record Holder

"The “Kim Kardashian of Cats” started life out in a shelter, just waiting to be loved.” - Reader's Digest

• Marking the 100th anniversary of Felix the Cat

12/1/2019  "The old saw about cats having nine lives gains some validity when one reaches an age that would be extraordinary for a human. And Felix the Cat turned 100 years old on Nov. 9." - The News-Gazette

• Cats are lucky charms!

12/1/2019  "It is obvious to all cat parents that cats have a ‘sixth sense’. They seem to understand a great deal more than we give them credit for..." - Times of India

• Videos of cats chirping at birds wins the Internet for us today

12/1/2019  "Cats make all kinds of noises, from the soft mew of greeting to the more pleading meow for attention and the "I'm hungry so feed me now" yowl." - SoraNews24

• Missing cat returns to family 15 months after disappearance

12/1/2019  "Barbara Franks, 46, said her family had almost given up hope after domestic short hair Jazz disappeared from their house in Prestwich, Bury, in September last year." - METRO

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