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Parasites (Internal & External) including Bacteria:

(Heartworm - see Diseases & Conditions)

Parasites: Fleas & Ticks

Dr. Karen Becker's Facebook Live Presentation on Fleas, Ticks and Allergies

• Homeopathic Remedy to Repel Fleas & Ticks!

11/4/2018  "Repel and control fleas on dogs and cats naturally using the homeopathic nosode, Psorinum 30c. It is totally natural, economical, non-toxic (to kids, pets and the environment) and can safely be given to a dog or cat for fleas, humans, even farm animals & wild life. Even better, it makes attacks by ticks more difficult; this helps the pet to fight more effectively against tick diseases or Lyme disease in dogs." - Mary Marseglia   Read more here  [you will be asked to log into Facebook to read this article]

• How do indoor cats get fleas?

12/22/2019  "Let’s suppose that there are absolutely no fleas in your home and your cat is a full-time indoor cat and is entirely flea-free. It is the perfect situation for a cat owner concerned with the damnable cat flea." - PoC

• How do I put an end to my cats fleas?

10/19/2019  "Fleas can be difficult to manage, and in centrally heated homes they can be a year-round problem. For every flea you see on your cat there can be 20 more in your home and thousands of eggs and larvae living in carpets, furniture and bedding! To successfully rid yourself of fleas, you’ll need to treat your pet and home. Vacuum every room, wash any pet bedding and apply a household spray to carpets and soft furnishings." - The Mail

• Super Efficient Natural Way to Repel Cat Fleas on Your Cats: No Chemicals Needed!

10/18/2019  "Haze and I have been blessed with not having any flea issues. However, I received tons of email asking for cat flea solution. So, after doing lots of research, I’m finally here to give you another brilliant idea and advice! I have given you guys The Homemade Flea Powder Recipe days ago. However, that’s not the only way to repel fleas on your lovely cat. As one of nature’s real superfoods, THIS SUPER EFFICIENT MATERIAL can help all sorts of pets. - Cats of Everywhere

• How to Get Rid of Fleas on Your Cats Naturally Using Homemade Flea Powder

10/14/2019   "Living in a low humidity region like Southern California has positive and negative sides. We can have nearby beaches and great weather all year. But do you know who else enjoys the endless sunny days with us? Fleas! Lots of them." "Today I’m giving you my homemade flea powder recipe. This flea powder will work to get rid of a pretty major flea infestation in your home and on your cats. The good news is that we don’t have to use any toxic chemicals ever again to dismiss fleas around us." - Maine Coon Cat

Parasites: Worms

• The best dewormer for cats

11/6/2019  "There are countless excellent things about having a cat in your life, but dealing with worm infestations isn't one of them. However, if you routinely administer dewormers for cats, you can head off any worm-related problems before they arise." - Chicago Tribune

• Europeans do not deworm their cats often enough

11/6/2019  "Europeans are recommended to administer monthly deworming pills to dogs and cats under the European Scientific Council Companion Animal Parasites (ESCCAP) advice. They ascertained that people dewormed their cats 2.2 times per year on average. This is clearly well short of once a month. They also ascertained that 54% of cats fell into the highest risk group in terms of the risk of acquiring a worm infestation. Incidentally, 93% of dogs also fell into the highest risk group. The conclusion is that improved treatment compliance is required in order to reduce the zoonotic (transference of a disease from animal to human and vice versa) risk to humans and to improve cat and dog health" - PoC

Parasite Avoidance

• Four Questions: The Parasite in Your Cat Box

2/20/2020  "A University of Arizona neuroscientist focuses on individual neurons as a key to understanding the parasite Toxoplasma gondii and its effects on the brain." "Among the many health tips for expectant moms: Pregnant women shouldn't clean up the litter box. But why not?" - The University of Arizona

• Homeopathic Remedy for Repelling Mosquitoes!

11/4/2018  "Through my studies of homeopathy I have learned that there is a remedy to preventing mosquito bites in humans & as well as pets." "I am advising you of this for everybody that is so concerned about Heart Worm and also always needing to spray Natural products to keep fleas ticks & "mosquitoes" off your outdoor pets.  This will not work for fleas & ticks, but at least it can help keep mosquitoes from biting." - Mary Marseglia   Read more here  [you will be asked to log into Facebook to read this article]

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